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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Latest proton.. Proton perve

Looks better than the old waja
But seriously the name?
It sounds like pervert.....

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Something money can buy

No matter how bloody rich u are...
There is no way u could buy time

24 hours a day never seems to be enough anymore
People are working hard to earn decent money to raise their family
Everything cost money nowadays
Nothing comes for free anymore

That include me
Was too busy working
Sometimes I was away for few days from home and when I come back home my baby girl looks at me and her face said.... I think I saw u before man....

Can't blame her
Daddy was not always around
Daddy is working hard to make sure mommy n nia have a bright future
Am sorry for not always being around
But in the end of the day...
Daddy is doing his best for our family

Friday, March 23, 2012

Spinal tap

I received this from a reader few days back however I was too busy lately, could not find the time to reply his question until today....

Here u goes...

pestoLaer_studio has left a new comment on your post "sakit ke ambik air tulang belakang....":

air ketuban isteri saya telah pecah 18 jam lebih awal dpd kelahiran anak saya...iaitu ( isnin ) 12.02.2012 jam 6.05am

anak saya baru dilahirkan( selasa )13.02.2012.jam 2.12am. tetapi pada jam 9.00 am, doc dapati nafas anak saya sangat cepat. hasil pemeriksaan, didapati dalam darah dan air kencing anak saya terdapat kuman. tanpa memberitahu saya, ( khamis )doc itu telah pun menyuntik dan mengambil air tulang belakang anak saya..keputusan nya dalam 5 hari lagi.. esok ( isnin ) 19.03.2012, doc akan berikan keputusan nya...

apakah penyakit anak saya hadapi sampai perlu mengambil air tulang blkg?

My answer:-
Biasanya kalau doktor nak ambik air tulang belakang... Mungkin doktor syak anak anda Kene meningitis ... Atau meningoencephalitis ... Or any other central nervous system issue

apakah risiko pada masa akan datang terhadap anak saya?

My answer :-
Risk or complication after spinal tapping? Next to nothing if the procedure is performed correctly. As an anaesthetist myself ... When I perform spinal anaesthesia for operation, it is basically the same technique for spinal tapping. Average I do up to 10 spinal anaesthesia per day when I am oncall. 99 percent has no complication and alhamdulillah none of my patient came back to me to sue yet for any complication after the spinal anaesthesia.
Spinal tapping will not cause kecacatatan mental. Everyone needs to know this.

adakah anak saya akan normal seperti kanak2 yang lain nanti?

My answer.
Again, as I mentioned before... Spinal tapping will not cause any nerve damage if done correctly.

bolehkah air tulang belakang itu dihasilkan semula apabila anak saya membesar?

My answer:_

Don't worry about it...
U don't have to wait until ur child grow up to reproduce the air tulang belakang.... By the next day, the volume should be back to normal. Cerebrospinal fluid is produced all the time....

ramai orang cakap, risiko nya akan jadi teruk seperti terencat akal, lumpuh dan sbgainya?

My answer-

Ramai org yang cakap tu has no idea what are they talking about.
What actually happened was... Most people who undergone spinal tapping... Already cacat or lumpuh before the spinal tapping .... But, nature of our people... They like to blame doctor....
tlong bantu saya...


I hope I have answer all the questions to his satisfaction
And I m praying hard that his child will turn out just fine

Monday, March 12, 2012

I miss u

My Babies are gone for a week
Daddy can't join them coz there is no enough anaesthetist here for daddy to take a long leave
Daddy is missing baby nia n mommy a lot
Miss waking up in the morning with nia n mommy by daddy's side
Miss sleeping at night cuddling with them too
Miss my little nia blabbering at me early in the morning
Miss everything about u

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Geneva autoshow

Photos courtesy from carbuzz

How I wish I am in Geneva right now
The most awaited autoshow of the year
Ferrarri launched their latest supercar... The f12 berlinertta
The mansory brings out the best of mclaren and the avantador
It is a heaven on earth for the car enthusiast


What do you call someone who doesn't know how to use a condom?..... Dad.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Baby shop!!

If u are in Pasir Puteh kelantan, this is the place to get quality branded baby clothing
Located in front of bernas Pasir Puteh
Check it out !!!

Thursday, March 01, 2012


People has high expectation from doctors
People comes to us hoping that we could cure everything
Yes, it is an honor for us to treat our patient
It is something wonderful when we are able to cure one's illness

Nonetheless , there are many type of patients
Some are very lovely patients
Those patients who listen to our opinions and believe in us- these are kind of people what make we feel honoured to treat people

But then, there is another group of patient
These annoying people come to us
Asking thousand of unrelated question and some questioning our management and treatment
These kind of people make us sick instead

In the end of the day
Regardless of which group of patient u are, we still treat everyone equally, the best we could



Future moms.... Un-fat urselves before getting pregnant! Future fathers, do not pregnant-tize ur wife if she is overweight! Bole x ?

Because pregnancy and obesity are not perfect couple or partner

Being obese alone is dangerous to ur health
Worse case scenario if u get pregnant and u r obese
So many complication could arise during pregnancy , during labour and post partum

Hence , let us eat less, exercise more and lead a healthy lifestyle

Sound easy , but it is so hard to do!