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Thursday, July 31, 2008

anak anak mami....

these 2 anak mami came all the way from penang to kelantan to attend our fellow fren's wedding reception tomorrow. The white shirt lady is lissssa and the grey colour top is miss husna. I believe neither of them are available. Sorry guys , too little too late. Anyway , those who ever been to kelantan should know this place, the big square in front of masjid muhammadi. I cant remember when was the last time I came here coz this mosque located in the middle of the town and totally not very accessible.
This weekend gonna be a very busy one for me. Lots of wedding to attends, and lots of frens to meet. But, I'm lovin every single moment :)

my beloved akak :)

my visit to kl is never complete until I meet this lady ( dalam bahasa melayu , selagi aku x menyusahkan kak red ni, x lengkap lawatan sambil belajar aku ke kl ni ) Due to some technical reason , my stay in KL has been prolonged for one day and I decided to pay a little visit to KLCC so I could get a free lunch ( ye.. saya ni kan jobless skarang, xder duit.. ) Anyway, I managed to drag her down from the tower and spend her lunch break listening to my craps.
Sorry akak , no pressies , no souveniers or no belated bday gift - yet! coz the meeting was totally "un-plan-ned" No worry, santa claus will be back to KL real soon :)

This remind me to miss erni , I still havent send ur perfume yet, pls email me ur phone no yeah miss erni should u still read my blog! :)

Have a lovely friday nite everyone... lots of love!

GPS navigation

anyone who has experience or know how to use the gps navigation system, pls YM me... I need help to set up the software.. well , I dont even know which software to use to start with :P

i'm back :)

my first time main squash... siap pakai leather shoes tu. If the sport center management found out, the whole gang will be kicked out I reckon! Anyway, I'm back in my most fav town in the world :) and the peace and harmony state - Kelantan. A lot of weddings coming up this weekend , however none of them is mine :P

Anyway, this is also my first time using my own celcom broadband connection. Just registered the line and so far , I have no big complain about the speed. Well, it's nothing compared to the internet speed in moscow, even the fastest streamyx connection is considered average for those who know how fast internet could actually be. As long as I could update my blog, check my emails, open a few website , I'll be content enuf - for the time being...

About the wedding receptions , since there are too many invitation and some of them happen to be on the same day , it's gonna be hard for me to made the decision which one I'm gonna skip. Some ppl said - if I dont attend a fren's wedding , that particular fren wont attend mine in the future. Sound logic rite? However , should I attend his/her wedding , would she/he attends my wedding for sure? Ahahah.. just a stupid thought! If u have this thought in ur mind , u are not a real fren.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

my umar

my super hyperactive nephew... Umar..since i ve been abroad from the day he was borned - i may not know much about him. When we first met, we seemed to be such a stranger to each other. But after spending some quality time together, we started to have this "uncle-nephew" bond. one thing about this little boy - he's really hyperactive. At moment. I thought it may caused by certain endocrine disease. but, since the parent did take him for med check up at thr specialist, i reckon everything is just physiological... Aminnnn

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

putrajaya.. bye bye bye

all done in putrajaya. Going back home soon. But, I'll be back to KL very soon also. Therefore , those who wanted to meet , we'll meet very soon. Coz now I dont have my own car here, just borrowing my brother's car to travel around. Next time I'll drive to KL . Sape2 nak join naik kete dari kelantan ke KL next week jom la join ek, ade je seat kosong ni :)

I'm now finished with all the registring thingy. Thank God that all the offices located at the same area and it wasnt too hot during the afternoon. It was a very tiring day yesterday. I slept as soon as I hit the sofa last nite and the next thing I realize - my nephew was running around the living room and it's already 9.00 in the morning. :)

Anyway , I'll be back to Kelantan... sape2 yang datang or ade kat kelantan tu.. bagitau la.. jom kite lepak kat tesco tu :P

Monday, July 28, 2008


lunch with mummysyafie at alamanda putrajaya :) So happy to finally met her! As we were busy running around the offices , from JPA to SPA, to KKM then to the MMC , btwn that we had a little meeting with the lovely mummysyafie who kindly picked us up at the KKM office and straight to alamanda... thanks a lot akak!

definitely , there were a lot to talk about... so many things, so many pot pet.. here and there , we really enjoyed each other company!
me -> currently very tired and sleepy , havent been sleeping for the whole day ... not sure what time I'll be awake the next day.
to our suprise - mummysyafie gave us 2 gifts each. Thanks a lot akakkkkkk..... the graduation bears for our grad gifts ....
and the table lamp for my belated bday gift... the white headless doll for shida.. We are sooo excited and happy! thanks a lot mummysyafieeee .. jasamu dikenang...


me currently at the kkm putrajaya, still in the registring process, it takes forever! Now it's lunch time. Going for lunch with someone special. Jommmm :)

let's go to putrajaya

gonna be a very busy day for me at putrajaya today. It's a long walk before becoming a doctor. Sape2 kat putrajaya tu... jom... lepak :)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

topsy turvy

life has been really good for the past few days for me. Even the higher fuel price didnt give much headache to me. Everything was fine, and everything was good - until the black cloud came along. Suddenly everything just moving the other way around. What can i say - life is very unpredictable. Once in a blue moon u might hit the gold mine, and the rest of the year , u just stuck inside the mine itself - hopeless and has nothing to hang on.

Friday, July 25, 2008

a day in terengganu

what supposed to be an eventful suprise to my brother in terengganu turned into a nightmare. My parent and I decided to visit my brother and his wife in KT - without telling them in advance. Kinda suprise visit. But then , half way thru the journey , we received a phone call from my sister in law - which turned the story around. My brother was admitted to the ward at the KT specialist. The diagnosis ? typhoid fever !

Yup, I dont know where did he got the bacteria called the salmonella typhi. He's working as a deputy project manager at Inai Kiara. Just received the diagnosis today and currently he's doing fine , resting on the bed.

Well, God does work in mysterious ways. I wanted to go to KL yesterday , but I changed my mind at the final thought. Maybe God wants me to visit my sick brother :)

Anyway, I hope he'll get well soon.

Somehow, I managed to visit the famous crystal mosque and the taman tamadun islam. Will update the photos later on

Now, I need a good rest !

I'll be going to kl soon :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

jpa meeting

This is my new phone! The latest E series from Nokia , nokia E71! It's in my wishlist. It has everything, from wifi to 3.2 megapixel camera with flash. My 3rd hp ever. I'm not the kind who changes phones very often. I hope this one will last as long as my previous one. I'm loving this phone a lot!

the jpa has called us for a meeting at putrajaya tmrw. The best part is i just found out about that. Since i'm at the far far away country, most probably i wont be in putrajaya tmrw. some of the students dont even know about it. Luckily my instinct told me to check my email last nitE. Well, not that lucky actually coz i wont be there.

my daddy! thanks a lot for the new E71! yup... it was in my bday wishlist. I'm so happy to get one. It's one hell of a phone.

my beloved mummy! thanks a lot mom for everything. Now, I could wake up in the morning and head straight to the kitchen for a yuuummmmyy home made breakfast!

Going to terengganu today to visit my new sister in law. Well, not that new actually. Anyway, whoever in Kuala terengganu, let's meet up for a late supper!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

i m home

i reached home safely yesterday. The flight took forever. Currently online using my new hp. Yup , i got a new hp from my daddy as my graduation gift. Thanks a lot daddy! Pls email me if u want my hp no. Lots of love!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bye Bye Moscow

it's 3 am here in moscow , time to go. I'm on my way to the airport
moscow - paris - kuala lumpur

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Final Visit - RED SQUARE

me n shida had our last date at the red square today. One more day left in moscow. We are currently very busy. A lot of packing to be done. A lot rubbish to be thrown away and I need to clean my room b4 I leave tmrw nite. The worst part is to take off the carpet away. If I could hire someone to help me with these stuffs, I totally would. But no one left ! All the juniors are back in Malaysia. Those who are still here, are busy doing the same thing also. So, enjoy the photos!
Me in front of the kremlin tower clock!
St Basil Church.. bye bye moscow
6 years in moscow - kick ass !!! a very special pose from shida :)
everything has it's ending, and my moscow chapter - is finished ..

I'm done... time to go back .... Da Svidania Moskva...

Friday, July 18, 2008

THe Final kick in the ass

Today was my cargo day. It's 11.25 pm here in moscow and for the 1st time today I finally could sit down and relax. A few minutes ago I was carrying a tv and an oven , climbing the staircase from 10 floor to elyn's room at 13 floor. Yup - I'm the hulk today. But, that was nothing compared to what happened earlier this morning.

To make in short , I reached the cargo bay at the airport by 850am and I left at 630pm. So, technically - I spent the whole day at the cargo bay today! It was tiring and annoying at the same time. I really dont wanna talk about it , but - just to give u a little hint of what happened today , the bloody russian - they managed to make something so simple into such a complicated process. I reckon, the amount of energy and time I spent at the imigration , the docking bay, the internal security counter, the bank, the airline office and the custom counters today , all the procedures I went thru - it was more than sufficient to export the nuclear missle back to malaysia. What ever it was - I'm glad the hard part is over! What a big relieved for me n shida. Luckily our cargo was quite a lot and the shipping cost in pretty cheap. That was the only brightside for today nightmare.

On the way back, we dropped by at the En Azman house as he organized the dinner for the JPA sponsored students. What a great timing, we reached there and eat straight away since we were the last group arrived. The rest had already finished their desert!

After a great meal at En Azman house, we left and stopped at the kofe house for a quick ice blended cappucino.

Rite now.. I'm very tired... I need a lot of rest, But then - there are a lot more to do, not much time left for us in moscow. A lot more packing need to be done... someone pls come here and help me....
Since some of u been wondering where had shida gone , She's very busy for the moment. No time for blogging :) Her warmest regard to all her readers !

Thursday, July 17, 2008

the durian story

"Ku sangkakan panas sampai ke hujung bulan, rupanya hujan di tengah2 bulan" :) I've been complaining a lot about how hot moscow is rite now, and I reckon I've got the reply - it's raining heavily rite now! Yup, it started to rain a few hours ago. We went out today to send some stuff. On the way back home , the wind started blowing and as we came out from the metro station , it was raining. Some said "sediakan payung sebelum hujan" , but then ..... who would have thought about it when sun was really burning the earth earlier. Nevertheless , I did reached home safely - but in very wet clothing :)

I've been reading ppl blogs a lot lately and i realized that the durian topic is very famous rite now. Maybe it's the "fruit season " in malaysia rite now. I dont know and frankly ,I dont really care coz I'm not a big fan of durian , rambutan and the rest. To be more precise -> I hate durian! Yeah, to Durian queen a.k.a akak CEERA , we dont belong together :P

No kidding, I really hate durian. I cant eat on the table which have durian. I refuse to talk with someone who has breath smell of durian. I cant ride the car with someone who just ate durian and please ; never invite me to eat durian. Yup, these rules are well informed to everyone who knows me , and even my parents know how much I dislike durian
There was one summer break when I went back home and my mom tricked me to eat durian. She made the durian cream puff for tea time. As usually , my habit was - I just grab and eat anything my mom cooked -no further question asked. Once, she made this durian cream puff and as usual - I walked pass thru the kitchen and grabbed one of it. My mum suddenly smiled when I took the cream puff. Then I asked " what mom?" She said " nothing, go ahead and eat ". Me , being a good boy - took a bite and all of sudden my face turned red. I quicky ran to the sink and threw up everything. My mum just laughed . I thoroughly rinsed my mouth with one bottle of listerine. Starting from that day , I asked my mom before eating what she cooked :) Yeah... I got punk'ed by my own mom!

Just a reminder to any of my fren who want to do the same thing to me, pls dont - I'll kick ur ass :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Nocturnal Enuresis

Nocturnal enuresis or in malay known as kencing malam also known as bed wetting. Nocturnal enuresis adalah NORMAL bagi kanak2. Ianya adalah satu process "neurological maturation" of the voluntary bladder control. ( susah nye nak terangkan dalam bahasa melayu :P ) . Nocturnal enuresis ni x sama dengan kes orang tua yg bangun malam nak kencing. Kalau camtu, ianya dipanggil nocturia.

Ok, back to Nocturia enuresis - it's divided into primary and secondary nocturnal enuresis. Primary nocturnal enuresis is when the kid is always unreliable at nite ( maksudnya - kanak2 yg memang jenis kencing malam dari azali) Secondary nocturnal enuresis is when the reliable kid, starts to bedwetting. ( kanak2 yg dahulunya x kencing malam, mula kencing malam)

Again, I would like to remind here that, nocturia enuresis is a normal condition , however at the same time , it might be a symptom of other disease.

There many risk factors for nocturia enuresis.
  1. genetic presdiposition ( keturunan)
  2. Down syndrome, Spina Bifida, Cerebral Palsy patients
  3. premature babies
  4. UTI - urinary tract infection
  5. Smoking & drinking mother ( during pregnancy)
  6. Sleep disturbance & stress of the children
  7. too much fluid intake b4 sleep ( minum bnyk sgt sebelum tido ! )

The top 2 risk factor are the genetic and too much fluid intake :) Hence, if ur family has a history of nocturnal enuresis , u should tell ur kids about it.

There are many drugs which could help to prevent nocturnal enuresis , but as I said before -nocturnal enuresis in children should be seen not as a disease but as a variation of the normal rate of neurological maturation - in most cases , there's no need of drugs treatment :)

Yeah, this 2 ladies and 1 gentleman above have nothing to do with nocturnal enuresis :P hehehe... This is us and leelee. She's back in Sarawak now. I promised her to send her off when she was leaving back. But, since some promises are meant to be broken - I totally forgot about that LeeLee.. no hard feeling occay!

Russian Summer

I woke up today at 10 am , and my thermometer showed the outside temperature was 35 degree! Yup, definitely the global warming effect. It's burning here in moscow. The best part is - most of the building in russia are not equipped with air conditioner or fan. For instance ; my beloved room - no nothing but heater. When they built the building, they never thought that moscow will experience this hot weather. Luckily I bought myself the table fan. For that reason , I just cant wait to go back to Malaysia!

However , if u r a bloody pervert , this is the best season to be in moscow. The russians are sunbathing everywhere! Yup, by the riverside , at the lake, at the garden, in the park - they are naked! ( or half naked ) We called these ppl " buaya putih " :)

This is the famous "borodrovi gori" brigde. It's a metro station as well. The blue color part is the metro station. This is where I go to play basketball and from this metro also u could reach the famous luzhniki stadium where the previous champions league final was held. Around this area , there is a big park and also u can take the ferry ride from here. me- currently very busy packing. For the time being - I'm busy packing my stuff to be sent by air cargo. I do have a lot of stuff and rite now , there are a lot of thing buzzing on my mind.... the transportation , the custom.... all the small things. I just cant wait to be over with everything. Few more days left in moscow. I'll see u guys soon!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My mates

We went to play basketball for the final time in moscow yesterday. In the photo - tky, sophie (jed's gf) , jed, me n por. 4 of us have been playing basketball together for 6 years. We know each other very well , we even could tell when each other is going to shoot the ball or not. So, yesterday , we went to bash up the russian ( in the basketball games of course! ) We won a few games until one russian from the CSKA academy came and kicked our us. Then, that was the final game. It was good to play against someone that good. As u can see in the photo, I'm the shortest! Indeed. I'm only 172 cm tall , Por is 185cm and Jed and Tky are both over 180. Well, the worse part is , even sophie is over 180cm! hahahaa.. pity me :) What to do... I'm just Allen Iverson in the team :P

Tourist Guide to MOSCOW - Ismailovsky Park

Ismailovsky Park is the place to be if u want to buy cheap souveniers in moscow. It's located at the metro partizanskaya/Ismailovsky Park. The name Ismailovsky came from the name Ismail - must be a muslim. I dont know which Ismail is that, it doesnt really matter actually. The only downside of this place is that- it's located quite far from the moscow city. Which explain why are the souveniers here are cheaper compared to the souvenier shops in arbat which located in the center of moscow city

Plus, u have to walk around 1 km to reach this market from the metro station. Location wise - not strategic at all , but the price is really a lot cheaper. Since we were pretty free and we needed to buy quite a few souveniers, we went here to buy some. To enter the souvenier market, u have to pay 10 rubles each for the entrace fee.
U can buy all kind of souvenier from the market. From matroshka to the used astronaut helmet. I'm not kidding. U could even by the stuffs from the world war 1! The market is well built , made to look like a traditional village.
Shida is looking at the amber. The ambers here are cheap compared to other places in the world. Some ppl came to moscow just to buy this amber. ME? I'm not a big fan of this stuff.
Some old russians "mak cik" singing the traditional russian songs at the market. They made the place more lively. It was really hot that day actually and I really pity them. I walked for about 10 mins around the market and I already felt dehydrated. I dont know how these old folks managed to stand there for hours!
That's me.... not so smily face becoz the sun was burning me down. They are still selling fur hat and clothing even thou it's summer now in moscow.
Shida is busy looking and buying souveniers. Me? busy snapping photos and looking around. Let's the lady does the job rite :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Spina Bifida

Have u ever seen a newborn baby who has this kind of " buldging" defect near the ass ? Nope, that is not some kind of gel or black pepper sauce spilled on the baby - this is what we called the spina bifida. Spina Bifida is a birth defect due to do incomplete closure of the embryonic neural tube - which caused incomplete formation of the spinal tube

there are a 3types of spina bifida - 1. spina bifida occulata, 2. spina bifida cystica , 3. spina bifida meningocele

The most common location of the malformations is the lumbar and sacral areas of the spinal cord. The lumbar nerves control the muscles in the hip, leg, knee and foot, and help to keep the body erect. The sacral nerves control some of the muscles in the feet, bowel and urinary bladder, and the ability to have an erection. Some degree of impairment can be expected in these areas, resulting in varying degrees of paralysis, absence of skin sensation, and poor or absent bowel and/or bladder control as well as curvature of the spine (scoliosis) (depending on the severity and location of the lesion damage on the spine). Although these individuals are rarely mentally retarded, in most cases there are cognitive problems.

The treatment -unfortunately, there's no cure for the nerve damage caused by the spina bifida. But the the bulging sac can be fixed by the surgeon. The sac can be put inside back into the body.

Since the spina bifida is a congenital birth defect , the prevention method must start during early pregnancy. Dietary supplement of folic acid proved to be helpful. So, to future mommies... eat more whole grains, fortified breakfast cereals, dried beans, leaf vegetables and fruits.

My Weekend

Today was my final sunday in moscow. I just cant believe it, I have less than a week to spend in moscow. The past few days had been very tiring and hectic. Been packing my stuff for days! Had thrown a lot of stuffs too. Even some momentos are gone to the dumpster. I cant bring back everything. There are things are meant to be forgotten. Some memories are better be kept and locked inside, some - u just need to erase them.

The plan was to send all my stuff thru the air cargo and I could go back to Malaysia with an empty bags. But, I know it wont happen! Even if I cargo-ed back all my stuff, I'll buy new stuff to be put on my luggage. Therefore, might as well keep some for my luggage.

And... about the "happy town" story , no further episode since I've run out of idea. I'm not really into politic but then , with the current Malaysia political situation , it's hard not to get involved and say a few words about it. It's pretty interesting ... in a way..

But then , if u look from the other view , our current political situation is really bad for our economy. I dont have to be an expert in economy to realize this condition. Every time any demostration being held in malaysia, or everytime our ministers or the political leaders being accused with different type of accusation - these will come out in the BBC, skynews, al jazeera and CNN ( maybe more) When the outsiders see these reports from the news , they would think our country isnt a good place to be visited or to invest. It's suck, but it's the truth.

anyway , I just hope that everything will be solved soon coz the current condition is bad for everyone and should this situation is prolonged ... well , I dont want to say it... lu pikir la sendiri..

I'm currently very tired. Went to play basketball earlier this evening. I really need to hit the bed now. Will update again when I wake up tommorow morning. Have a great monday everyone!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Final BBQ

Today we went to Uncle Yunus house for the final bbq party. It was more like a farewell party for us. Thanks a lot Uncle Yunus n family for inviting us to the bbq. We had lots of fun. The weather was lovely , it was shinny through out the day and windy , such a wonderful climate for a bbq picnic. Well, actually the bbq only took place in front of the house , easier and more comfortable!
Humairah and us. She's getting prettier each day I have to say! For those who didnt know , Humairah had a bone marrow transplant a year ago after she was borned with a type of anemia. Fortunately, everything went well and currently she's growing up as other normal kid. We love her so much and she's totally adorable!
Bunch of jobless fresh grads having sun tan. Yeah, there's no way we could do this in malaysia at 1 o'clock in the afternoon! Well, actually u could do this in KL... someone should give it a try. But not me for sure!
Another fact about me. I considered myself as a sportman. I played basketball for the school for years and before that I was into badminton and volleyball. But, I only started picking up football here in moscow! Yeah - came half way thru the world and learned how to play football here :)