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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

a long journey , yet to come

my quest to become a bloody young millionaire has not been such a plain sailing journey...
business - has it ups and downs...
rite now... more downs :P
my day job as a doctor - stressful as always
but , still I cant quit being a doctor yet..
honestly, never thought of quitting being a doctor
yes , not the most pleasant job in the world
even thou some said that "doctor" is the most noble job in the world..
it is , no doubt at all..
it's noble.. and killing u softly at the same time :P

I'm done with my orthopedic posting
movin on to surgical department
had my months of relaxing and fun at the ortho department
back to business next week..
new start....

yeah.. hate to be the new guy at the department
I hate the self-intro part...
hate being new and naive.. and stupid :P
but it's all part of the game..
part of the cycle...
just wanna get thru with it..

whatever it is...
i'll be working extra hard to reach my goal..
I want to be a millionaire :)
may sound ridiculous and impossible..
but , who knows...
who knows..
someday, someway, somehow...

kalau ade rezeki kan?

Saturday, August 08, 2009

it's not easy

me n heri , my new best fren :p

my life has been very hectic lately. Well, not too sure either still have a life or not.
me pretty much being a robot for the past 1 month
not being myself... too much thing to be done, too much thinking.. a lot of stuffs going on my mind
honestly, it's not easy to be such a multitasker

to be a doctor in the day time , a cafe owner after office hour - is really exhausting.
worst scenario when I'm on call at the hospital.... it's crazy
really need to be more scheduled in my daily life.
rite now - i'm killing myself...
not been having enuf sleep,
not been having proper rest..
how I wish I could ran away from all these ...
just for a moment so could be a normal person again
but I cant
this is the crucial moment of my life..
the business is just starting and I need to give the best attention I could
my cafe is my baby rite now... just an infant
still learning... still need to be baby feed everyday..
luckily i have my frens around me who keep me going strong everyday
telling me that everything will be ok
and someday everything will be just great
I'm praying to God that I'll be successful in both field I'm doing for the timebeing..

Sunday, August 02, 2009

lgtc annual gathering - kuala terengganu 2009

Red bumblebee - cruising to kuala terengganu from kota bharu... top speed 200km/hour. Just hoping there will be no speed trap... or else.. I'll be bankrupt.. well actually the whole lancer group will be...
this year lancergt gathering was held at kuala terengganu last weekend. I was very happy to be able to join this speed demon group convoi from kota bharu to terengganu.. it was a great fun... totally!
there were 12 lancers in the convoi... all colors... all kind of drivers.. but we all share the same hobby... cool cars :)
we left kota bharu at about 12 afternoon. Reached Kuala terengganu by 230 pm as we stopped on the way at the mosque for friday prayer ..... konvoi , konvoi jugak... solat x bole tinggal kan?
the highly modified lancer from kuantan ... not sure how much this guy has spent on his car....

I lowered the bumblebee ... thank to the eibach springs ... but not low enuf i reckon... x sentuh tarmac lagi :P
lancers from KB resting after a long journey....
destination - taman tamadun islam ... somewhere near the masjid kristal
the new lancer .. with the facelift... and it comes in white color!