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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

majlis aqiqah hanania shakira

Hanania aqiqah was held last friday , after the prayer ,
we were very grateful that the imam n bilal were able to attend the ceremony
Hanania shakira bt mohd hannan , 
hanania means - being loved , shakira means being thankful
such a beautiful name for a beautiful baby girl

according to our beloved prophet S.A.W , it's best the baby being name at the seventh day of her or his life. hence Hanania name only being announced during the day of the aqiqah which is her 7th day of life
during the aqiqah ceremony  , being led by the imam - prayers being read  , and she was fed with a sip of zam zam water and a little taste of kurma
then , here comes " bercukur jambul" part   , it was my first experience ... ehehhee.
then the baby being paraded around the crowd while selawat being sang...
hanania shakira , welcome to the world .
daddy just want u to be a solehah girl
the rest, daddy n mommy will take care of u occay dear darling?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

baby nia says thank you!

 to my beloved freinds
on behalf of my little princess whom currently unable to speak for herself yet ,
i would like to thank everyone for all the baby gifts presented to baby nia
u guys were so generous and we thank u a million for all the gift

to kak shini and kak An.. baby nia definitely in love with the bling bling teddy u guys gave her
teddy has become her best friend now
watching over her 24/7
a loyal companion teddy is

thank you all
thanks for all the lovely and beautiful baby set
so many of them
baby nia will definitely wears every single of them

thank you guys again

nia... daddy is home!

baby nia...
daddy is home!
so glad to be back home to cuddle with my little princess

when i entered the house,
i could hear my little honeybunch was crying aloud
i went straight inside my room to take a glance of her...
she was awake , mommy was getting ready to breast fed her...
a bit cranky... maybe she was hungry.. or was very sleepy...

i took her into my arms and repeatedly saying " baby nia... daddy is back for you sayang"
she looked me into the eyes..
her eyes shine brightly...
that - took away all my problem ...all the fatigue was gone in a split second...
holding her in my arms was the most powerful energy booster
way better than red bull.

i sang her lullaby... and she slowly felt asleep in my arms
such a wonderful feeling....

Monday, November 28, 2011

Normal service resumed... Sadly

The hardest part of my morning today was saying good bye to my little precious princess.
My paternal leave has ended and it is time to go back to work
Thank to the 7 days off, I was able to spend my days watching my baby grows up very second. Such a great moment.

Now, leaving her at Home with my lovely wife
Hopefully she will behave well... Not causing much trouble for mommy

After I shaved her head, she does become a bit cranky,
Maybe still not used to the fact she is pretty much bald!
So yes, for the past 24 hours, she is on " angry bird" mode...
Or worst case scenario.... Is having PMS already.

Regardless of everything.. She will always be my little princess...
Hanania... Daddy loves u much...
And of course... Daddy loves u too mommy

Now daddy has to work hard so my queen and my princess could have their dream castle soon enough

Gambatte daddy! U

P/s - praying hard that nobody is dying today...... Which is not gonna happened!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

neck lipoma

Blogger shamsul said...
Hi DR. Saya nak tanya satu soalan.. i have lipoma on my back neck. saya nak remove it dengan operate. DR cakap it take few minute je untuk remove lipoma.. but my concern ialah..adakan ianya akan give any effect to my neck later? or my spine? im damm worry. thanks.
Nov 25, 2011 7:59:00 PM
Dear shamsul 
occay , to start with , for general knowledge , lipoma is a kind of benign tumour  (mostly ) , made from adipose tissue  , in malay , ketumbuhan yang berasal daripada lemak-lemak 
lipoma is a painless mass , located subcutaneously.
in an ideal world , this lipoma could be easily be removed surgically.
no big deal
if it's a small size , the operation could be done under local anaesthesia , meaning , u will be fully concious during the procedure - only the area involved being anaesthetized... in most cases - u could still feel the pain.
but it's the quickest way
should the lipoma is too big , and need to be removed , it must be done under general anaesthesia , meaning .. u ll be put to sleep - completely knocked down during the procedure.
now , we go to complication of the removal of the lipoma
most of the cases - it has no complication
just a very simple procedure, something like removing a big pimple from ur skin
unless the lipoma is super big... then there would be risk of bleeding during the operation
other than that - normal sized lipoma , technically it would not cause any damage to ur spine mr shamsul
effect on ur neck?
u might have a scar after the removal...small or big.. again depend on the size of the lipoma :)
hopefully , i have answered all ur question .
owh , one more thing , when they excise ur lipoma , they will send the sample to the lab , to determine what kind of lipoma is it.
but most of the time , the lipoma is harmless
unless u are a very unlucky guy , something happened once in a million cases. .. it could be some kind of cancer...
No worry , i m pretty sure urs is just a benign lipoma :)

twinkle twinkle little shakira

 twinkle twinkle little star...
why i feel my head so empty daddy ?
coz i just shaved u bald baby nia...
then u will grow a new of beautiful hair...
"0ccay daddy ... but i feel itchy... "
No worry baby girl.... let's put on a cap on u occay little princess....

she's so manje
my little princess
At day 9 of her life
i shaved her hair bald yesterday :)
she looks like a baby G I Jane
prettier than ever.

cant believe it's already a week passed by
she's growing so fast....
we are both enjoying every second of parenthood

yes , there are many sleepless night we went thru
and many more to come i reckon
but it's a part of making something wonderful

just look at her cute face
a week old and she's sleeping like a 6 years old princess
nicely put her hand as a pillow
but always need daddy's chest as her mattress

my paternal leave is coming to the end
in fact today is the last day
tomorrow i ll be back oncall again
i 'm gonna miss her  a lot

gonna miss changing her diapers
gonna miss singing lullaby to her

she's my little angel...
cant wait till she 's fit enough to travel around
so many place for her to see out there :)

also noticed mommy already bored to death being confined to home quarantine
after giving birth
she's such an active lady
40 days of pantang not gonna go well her definitely
we'll see about that

pantang for my wife?
no such thing for me
i ll take her out for dinner as soon as she feels ready to go out
i let her eat what she wants :)
i'm not the kind of husband who eats steak while my wife has to eat ikan bakar for 40 days
if i'm eating lamb chops , she will have her fav too :)
the rest... there are always plastic surgery to take care of :)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

hello world ... my name is Hanania Shakira

the aqiqah and selawat ceremony went well yesterday
i was a bit busy yesterday...
that i ve forgotten to update the blog
to announce the name of my beloved daugther :)

much has been speculated about the name
the most expected name was Hanna
my dad thought the name would be Humairah...

well , the name is Hanania Shakira bt Mohd Hannan
Hanania  means loveable
Shakira means being thankful
such a wonderful name for a beautiful baby :)

riddle solved!

Hanania... welcome to the world
we mostly called her nia :)
baby Nia :)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

smoking parent ? owh my God...

as u all know
i am a big fan anti smoking
i hate cigarette
i hate people selling cigarette
and on top of everything i hate people who smoke cigarette

but , worse case scenario ..
is parent who smoke cigarettes
could be the daddy.. or the mother..
either way, it's still wrong

unfortunately for us here in malaysia
it's such a common scenery in our daily life
we see parent walking hands to hands with their children
which is a wonderful thing
then they stopped in front of a shop ..
the kids went into the shop with the mother
the father will wait outside
and quickly reaching something in his pocket..
a box of cigarette and a lighter
and he'll start smoking while waiting for his family to come out from the shop..

after a few mins , the mother and kids emerged from the shop
to join the father outside
then they all continue walking hands in hands again..
as their father peacefully smoking his cigarette using his other hand...
without knowing how much damage he's causing to his children walking next to him...
what a shame
this kind of father should be sentenced to jail...
such an ugly situation..
u right hand is holding ur kid, ur left hand is holding the cigarette...
u might just as well bring along a bottle of paraquat...
it's killing me to see this kind of parent

even if u cant stop smoking
the least u can do is stop smoking in front or nearby ur children
if u want to die ... please die alone..
dont drag along ur innocent kids

i know some of u who smoke will find this post quite offending
in fact.. i know should my frens read this
most of them will feel offended as well
but then..
this is the ugly truth
sometimes - i just need to say it out loud

she is so adorable

Allah Almighty 
aint she a beauty?
so adorable 
gonna be a show stopper when she grows up!

can u drive this fast....

i was driving my mum perodua kancil e class avantgarde just now
didnt realize i was speeding so fast on my way to the market to by coconut milk
can ur kancil do this - running at 160km/h ... and the RPM is only 3000 round per minute
or less in this case
my mom really knows how to mods her cars
maybe she secretly put an audi tt rs engine inside the kancil
yeah ... the 2.0 TFSI engine
should do the trick :)

Black market dolphin

when I was a kid, my friend wanted to be an astronaut when we grow up... And I want to sell dolphin at the black market , but thing didn't work out well for me, as I live in atlanta... No dolphin there and those things don't sleep... Makes them hard to catch

Just finished watching the movie "changed up"
Love Ryan reynold .. Awesome guy, great actor
And the movie itself was wonderful.
It was about 2 guys who wished they could have each other's life instead of their current ongoing life
Which is not so wierd... Coz be honest everyone .. Sometimes, u do imagine u r in somebody else shoes rite ?
And eventually... In the movie , those 2 bastard realize... Their current actual life- is just what they needed

Yup... Lesson learned everyone .
It's hard to appreciate what we already have
And we only start to regret it once we lose it. Hence... Cherish the moment occay.
Good night everyone

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

choosing the rite one.

owh  , just look at her cute little face...
despite all the crying...
waking us all night long...
sometimes she is acting worse than a woman with PMS
all of those stuff
are quickly forgotten when u stare at her glittering little eyes

today is her day 5 of life
growing up fast she is

and daddy has a lot to do for her
need to set up her education fund
her health insurance
her tabung haji fund
her ASB fun

want to make sure her future is bright and well taken care of

this is my first child
and i definitely need some guidance before starting all these fund
it would not be a problem if i have unlimited wealth
unfortunately i dont

hencefoward ,
my dear reader..
any suggestion on which one is the best health insurance
clearly i am not a master in this area
ur advice is very much welcome :)
kindly share ur experience k
thanks a lot in advance

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

precious princess

her favorite sleeping position...
very " manja" with daddy
always needs daddy to hug her before she sleeps

never mention that daddy went out
should she know daddy is not around.
she will cry out loud
but will be back smiling when daddy comes back

owh , what a sweet little princess
she makes me smile everyday
she makes my heart grows
never thought being a daddy bring so much happiness to me :)

baby , i love u till the end ;)
and mommy too of course

currently mummy is busy trying to lose her excess weight gained during the pregnancy
but no worry mommy
once the milk start producing in large amout
u'll get back ur slim figure
and can start wearing all ur size 0 dress again

what's daddy doing?
daddy is doing his best to makes his beloved princesses happy
and smiling all day long :)

already at day 4 of her life
my daughter is doing very well
very active
crying out loud when we are changing her diapers
feeding well
the jaundice is reducing

dear parents
should ur infant not feeding well
less active , more sleep and has weak cry
it's a sign that ur baby might has an infection

i pray to God that my baby will grow up healthy and beautifully...
ameen ...
and urs too of course :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

when daddy meets gegirl

 daddy  : canteknyee baby daddy ni...
gegirl    : i want milk....
daddy  : i love u soooo much gegirl....
gegirl   : where's my milk.....
daddy : ur eyes are so cuteeeeeeeeeeee....
gegirl  : helloooo??  anyone listening... i am hungry....
daddy : bile dah besar nanti .... jadi anak solehah k sayang....
gegirl  : owh my God... please call mommy.... i want milk daddy....
daddy : meh tito dengan daddy ...
gegirl  : milk first pleaseeeeeeeee .....
daddy : hidung gegirl macam hidung daddy la...
gegirl  : bla bla bla bla..... yea yea yea....
daddy : mmmmuuaaahhh muaaaahhh muaaahh... kiss kiss baby manjer ni....
gegirl  : uuuuuuuuuuuuwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa uuuuwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
daddy : ooooo baby nak susu yer....
gegirl : oowhhh... for crying out loud... finally dad!
daddy : occay occay... milk is coming...
gegirl :   occay occay.... i dont care whether u r wearning armani or gucci.... am still gonna puke on u daddy... get ready yeah

Sunday, November 20, 2011

gegirl and avent

any avent sales representative out there?
u seriously need to consider giving us special gift here
me and my wife ( mostly her! )
have bought everything that AVENT has to sell
u name it.. we got it

and thankfully , all of these stuff has been very useful to our little princess
prior to the pregnancy
i have no bloody idea what AVENT is
pretty much sound like HKS  , Greedy  ,
u know... the car stuffs
unfortunately it's not
but it does cost quite the SAME thou

NOT cheap at all

when my mother saw all these stuff
she was like.... " owh my God "...
" membazir jer ni , during my time ... we do everything manually "

well mama ... it's different nowdays...
during ur time ... the petrol costed rm 1.2o per liter ...
nowdays.. ron 97 costs double than that...

just kidding mom... no hard feeling
i was  a stranger to all these thing too
i thought tonmee tippee has something to do with tommy hilfiger
until i saw it comes in small boxes

funny as it is...

gegirl - day 3 of life

look at her cute face....
just being breast fed this morning
a bit jaundice as her mother still struggling to produce enough milk
but i am pretty convince she'll be ok when more breast milk available

parenting - so far it has been very tiring for both of us
last night again - baby girl kept us busy
she was ok during day time...
was sleeping well
but after midnite - here comes the drama

i reckon she has a bit abdominal discomfort
bowel opening becomes so frequent last night
more breast milk should fix the problem

since the mother has not been producing enough breast milk
we opted for soy based formula milk for stand in replacement
until the breast milk production increase

nevertheless - despite all the sleepless night for both of us
we could nt care less
all we want is our baby girl turn out healthy and beautiful in the end of the day

Saturday, November 19, 2011

my gegirl

day 2 of life
my beloved princess... my gegirl..

well , i guess at some point of my life , this blog will change its name to dr hannan fatherhood

thank you for all the warm wishes guy,
then comes the next fav question
"how's life as a father "
well... so far..  hhhmmmm
pretty much indescribable

but on top of everything.. i feel very happy and very much excited

yes - it's tiring as well
truth was... for the past 72 hours...
i reckon i slept less than 10 hours

a day before my wife went to labour ...
i was oncall.. hence.. there was very little sleep there
the next day , i went back home , rested for a while,
then when to the gym in the evening...
after that , while i was at the clinic at night ...
she went into active phase of labour..

from the clinic , i rushed to the labour room
it was about 11pm when she was admitted to the labour room.
gegirl was born at 340 am the next day ...
and i was awake thru out the processes

6 hours later , we went back home.
i was thankful everything went well
and my baby and my beloved wife were healthy and doing great along the way

at home... last nite my gegirl was sleeping well during day time
but after midnite .... she kept us busy until dawn...
since mommy still struggling with breastfeeding...
she was pretty much hungry last night .. hence
we both didnt much rest or sleep

things are getting better today
gegirl is feeding well
less crying
but she's very active :)
let's see how she's reacting tonite yeah?

WHAT's her name?
it will be keep as a secret until her 7th day of life

but everyone is invited to guess the "secret" name...
wondering eh/?

Friday, November 18, 2011

purest of pain

my baby girl... welcome to the world
thank you Allah .
the delivery went well with the help of epidural
thank you to Dr Razita for the epidural
and staff nurse Lim for assisting me delivering my own baby

such a wonderful day for both of us
well.. not both anymore... now it's three of us

weighing 2.8 kg at birth
she brought such a joy and happiness to the family
she took away all the pain
she makes me thinking of home every single second
(no offence my darling wife - u have the same aura too ! )

thank you all for the well wishes
thank you ...

if u live nearby .. u r invited to our baby aqiqah ceremony next friday

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

it's been bugging me

had a hectic day at work so far today
very problematic cases today
i wish i am not in charge of the Operating room today...
unfortunately .. i am

nonetheless... everything still turns out fine eventually
above everything... i hope and pray there will be no mortality

i love being a doctor
currently i am a part of the anaesthetist team
it's the same like special task force team in the police department
or the komandos in the army
we deal with life and death situation everyday
we r in charge of the ICU
we r in charge of the operating theater
we put people to sleep ... and we have to wake them up as well
it's a very demanding job...
and it's killing me

i love saving life
it's a noble job
but then.
sometimes... i feel so tired
and stressful....
i wish i could be in charged of something more stationary
like a klinik kesihatan
where i work 8 to 5 everyday
it's a good life
yes... there are death cases in klinik kesihatan as well
but only once in the blue moon.

nonetheless , there is something special that keep me staying at the anaesthesia department
the people ...
the bosses ... my collague ... they are the best people ,
the nicest group of human being u want to be around with
they cheered u up when u r down
they stand by u when u screwed up
the helping there is always next to u
it felt like a family in the anaesthesia department
unlike other department i work before
that's the main reason that keep me from leaving the hospital...

yet and still...
i have my doubt..
despite of all great people around me..
am i able to be a good anaesthetist,,
and how long could i hold my breath here....

Friday, November 11, 2011

guys .... help me out here

                                                    honda CRZ - hybrid , manual transmission
                                                      pug 308 turbo
                                                      mini cooper S

these 5 hot hatches are running on my mind right now
as u all know
i am selling my beloved mitsubishi lancer GT
yes - need something smaller
something more fuel economic
in these hard time , need to save as much as possible
and it's impossible for me to travel without style!

hence , i am having a hard time choosing
which one will be my first hot hatch

the cheapest would be the ford fiesta ... around 80k...
pretty looking- sexy and reasonable price
but there are too many of them on the road now
i love the sapphire version but they are not selling those anymore
it would be the perfect choice - but it's very common nowdays

then comes the newly launched hybrid car - honda CRZ
hybrid - meaning great fuel saving,
price is about 115k on the road  - which is cheaper than i expected it to be...
but then...the downside is..
currently in malaysia - honda is selling manual transmission
which is not very convinient to my other half...
so... probably no for crz until they bring the auto version

3rd choice .... vw polo GTI
great car.. super fast hatch back...
the fastest among all..
the most handsome looking...
superb built quality...
price- 138 k.... still affordable..
but -  no vw official dealer in kelantan
meaning... no vw service center
meaning ... i have to drive to KL to service it...
which ... i dont really have time for that...
what a shame... come on vw... open ur 3S in kelantan pls....

the old time fav
my other half surely love it
fast , pretty , durable..... kinky...
have the same issue with vw..
where do i service my car here?
no BMW official dealer in kelantan as well
plus... among all 5, this is the most expensive...
unless i buy the recond one.... mmmmmm

lastly ...
my last choice would be the PUG 308 turbo
well... let me state here..
i love paris a lot ( been there twice )
i love french fries, i love french kiss
but...PUG.... mmmmm
it's a powerful car... turbo..
quite sleek as well..
but , should i decided to sell it one day later...
the second hand value is tremendously unbelievably cheap
but... it's a good car should i want to drive it for the rest of my life
and there are plenty of PUG 3 S center in kelantan... no hassle...

sigh...... help me guys.!

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

" i have HIV ... 10 years already "

" i know my husband was diagnosed as HIV positive 10 years ago .... but i never tell the doctors or anyone else... including my children " says the wife....


this is the second case of the year i stumbled upon in the ICU.
it irked me a lot.

DEAR citizen.... if u have HIV - do tell ur doctors , who treat you . it will our life way a lot easier and better.

A study show , in a profesional life of doctors  who deal with patients everyday , the risk of getting HIV from the patients is about 1 percent.
Meaning.... if a doctor treats 100 HIV patients ... he's pretty much unlucky if he's not HIV positive as well.

Yeah , we must treat all patient equally ...
but doctors are human too, we are not bullet prove of AIDS.
we could easily being infected by patients.
we took blood everyday , we operate on patients everyday

imagine , if those people who has HIV , keep their HIV status as a secret...
and one unlucky day ... a doctor accidently had a needle prick incident with that patient...
how would u feel if that doctor is a member of ur family.
doctor is a noble job
we treat people
but SHIT people are HIV positive and did nt tell us... make our job so dangerous!

worse ... it's a waste a money to treat HIV positive patient
they are pretty much immune depressed... all the drugs in the world can heal them...
what a waste a money....

again please ... HIV positive people... make sure u inform other ur status.
we doctors need to know ur status.
ur spouse need to know ur status
ur children need to know ur status...

u being a HIV positive patient is enough problem for us...
do not infect other ... those innocent people..
especially us.. doctors who do noble job to save people

we do have our way to treat u guys.
just lets us know occay...
please pretty please..!

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

doctor.... i want to abort my baby.....

while i was anxiously waiting for the birth of my baby .... anytime soon...
a reader contacted me..
asking me about abortion

i promised her that i wont tell anyone about it
nevertheless - i am writing this issue , generally...
not mentioning her name
and nothing about her...

i just want people to be crystal clear about abortion.
i believe this is a very important issue....
and believe it or not... abortion is quite common in malaysia
worse case... among Malay which are muslims.
what a shameful true fact.....

firstly - being a muslim... Islam said abortion is haram....
meaning... if u aborted ur baby intentionally... technically u will end up in hell.
as simple as that
unless being pregnant is dangerous for the mother, then - abortion is permitted
( example - mother with severe heart problem )

secondly - as a doctor , we are not permitted to do abortion for social reason
we are trained to do abortion
but only for medical causes
those doctors who do illegal abortion - they could be charged and their certificate could be rebuffed

yet and still , there are many muslims out there who do illegal abortion for social reason
and sadly , there are doctors whom morally degraded - willing to do abortion....
i call those doctors stupid assholes and jerk....
how i wish the government could charge those who do illegal abortion with death penalty!!!

there are so many social reason given by the mother  , whom decided for abortion....
most common .. those unmarried pregnant ladies  with " anak luar nikah "
then , there are also young mother whom are married ... but not ready to be a mother yet...
all these reason are bull shit...
berani buat.. berani tanggung...

no social reason is legit enough to permit an abortion...
it's legally wrong..
and most importantly.. ISLAM forbid it... and i do believe other religions say the same thing....

Saturday, November 05, 2011

sexuality malaysia ...... another bull shit!!!

"sexuality malaysia - it's a clear cut for me whom will i vote for this coming election.... not u ambiga.... unless nik aziz pulls out PAS from keadilan... then i'll have my dilemma... until then... i am not in agreement with the liberty of gay n lesbian"
that is my current facebook status

frankly , i am not into politics. for crying out loud  , i wish i could stay away from politic. but i cant  , it's a part of everyone life
and being a voter is must ( wajib ) hence , either i like it or not ... i have to choose side
all the while , i keep silence about our malaysian political issue. The drama that has been going on in the parliement sometimes make me yawned and  most of the times , it irks me a lot 
I know , it aint easy being a politician and someone has to do it , or else who will govern our country rite? And all the politicians try their best to win the heart of the citizen to make sure they always on top of the pyramid. U have to do , what u have to do ... we all get it
but then , a lot of issue came to rise lately ... bersih... kotor... jijik... whatever it is... makes me wonder
not saying i am a big fan of the government - neither i am a big fan of ambiga
but , when something like bersih happened the other day ... what good brings to us?
what changes has been made? BN still rules the country.. The only thing we managed to do is to scare away the tourist from KL. Job well done. 
Yes.. bersih was the voice of rakyat.. we all get it... but i honestly think... the manner was wrong. If all the malaysian hate BN so much ... just prove it during the election. NO bloody way BN could changes the voting paper should all malaysian voted for the opposition rite? BN may have the power ... but not that much.
and here we are again.... sexuality merdeka? ambiga.. what the heck are u trying to do..  ? what's next ambiga...?? turned kl into cairo? ? 
i used to think that opposition party have some brains and they are a group of smart people who will transform the country , but with ambiga in the opposition party ... hell NO ... will never vote for them
and nik aziz... please pull out PAS away from the keAdilan... i have too much respect for tok guru nik aziz... i agreed with him on everything... but he should realize that ambiga isnt a friend...