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Thursday, November 24, 2011

smoking parent ? owh my God...

as u all know
i am a big fan anti smoking
i hate cigarette
i hate people selling cigarette
and on top of everything i hate people who smoke cigarette

but , worse case scenario ..
is parent who smoke cigarettes
could be the daddy.. or the mother..
either way, it's still wrong

unfortunately for us here in malaysia
it's such a common scenery in our daily life
we see parent walking hands to hands with their children
which is a wonderful thing
then they stopped in front of a shop ..
the kids went into the shop with the mother
the father will wait outside
and quickly reaching something in his pocket..
a box of cigarette and a lighter
and he'll start smoking while waiting for his family to come out from the shop..

after a few mins , the mother and kids emerged from the shop
to join the father outside
then they all continue walking hands in hands again..
as their father peacefully smoking his cigarette using his other hand...
without knowing how much damage he's causing to his children walking next to him...
what a shame
this kind of father should be sentenced to jail...
such an ugly situation..
u right hand is holding ur kid, ur left hand is holding the cigarette...
u might just as well bring along a bottle of paraquat...
it's killing me to see this kind of parent

even if u cant stop smoking
the least u can do is stop smoking in front or nearby ur children
if u want to die ... please die alone..
dont drag along ur innocent kids

i know some of u who smoke will find this post quite offending
in fact.. i know should my frens read this
most of them will feel offended as well
but then..
this is the ugly truth
sometimes - i just need to say it out loud


shamsul said...

Hi DR.

Saya nak tanya satu soalan.. i have lipoma on my back neck. saya nak remove it dengan operate. DR cakap it take few minute je untuk remove lipoma.. but my concern ialah..adakan ianya akan give any effect to my neck later? or my spine? im damm worry.

Dr Hannan said...

shamsul. check out my latest post.. have answered ur question

shamsul said...

thanks DR... :)

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