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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Black market dolphin

when I was a kid, my friend wanted to be an astronaut when we grow up... And I want to sell dolphin at the black market , but thing didn't work out well for me, as I live in atlanta... No dolphin there and those things don't sleep... Makes them hard to catch

Just finished watching the movie "changed up"
Love Ryan reynold .. Awesome guy, great actor
And the movie itself was wonderful.
It was about 2 guys who wished they could have each other's life instead of their current ongoing life
Which is not so wierd... Coz be honest everyone .. Sometimes, u do imagine u r in somebody else shoes rite ?
And eventually... In the movie , those 2 bastard realize... Their current actual life- is just what they needed

Yup... Lesson learned everyone .
It's hard to appreciate what we already have
And we only start to regret it once we lose it. Hence... Cherish the moment occay.
Good night everyone

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