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Monday, November 28, 2011

Normal service resumed... Sadly

The hardest part of my morning today was saying good bye to my little precious princess.
My paternal leave has ended and it is time to go back to work
Thank to the 7 days off, I was able to spend my days watching my baby grows up very second. Such a great moment.

Now, leaving her at Home with my lovely wife
Hopefully she will behave well... Not causing much trouble for mommy

After I shaved her head, she does become a bit cranky,
Maybe still not used to the fact she is pretty much bald!
So yes, for the past 24 hours, she is on " angry bird" mode...
Or worst case scenario.... Is having PMS already.

Regardless of everything.. She will always be my little princess...
Hanania... Daddy loves u much...
And of course... Daddy loves u too mommy

Now daddy has to work hard so my queen and my princess could have their dream castle soon enough

Gambatte daddy! U

P/s - praying hard that nobody is dying today...... Which is not gonna happened!

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