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Saturday, November 26, 2011

hello world ... my name is Hanania Shakira

the aqiqah and selawat ceremony went well yesterday
i was a bit busy yesterday...
that i ve forgotten to update the blog
to announce the name of my beloved daugther :)

much has been speculated about the name
the most expected name was Hanna
my dad thought the name would be Humairah...

well , the name is Hanania Shakira bt Mohd Hannan
Hanania  means loveable
Shakira means being thankful
such a wonderful name for a beautiful baby :)

riddle solved!

Hanania... welcome to the world
we mostly called her nia :)
baby Nia :)


Siti Nurhayati Dollah said...

Be a good khalifah of Allah baby Hanania Shakira :) Welcome to the world.

Sarah Mohd Shukor said...

Finally, another update from you!
Been waiting to know her name since last week. Hehe. Sweet name! Welcome to the world, Nia. Be a good daughter, ya!

Wahidah said...

Hannan : nia such a nice name...kinda love nia...

Welcome to the real world Hanania Shakira

dayanaazhar:) said...

it's nice how ur first baby got ur name too. it's sweet:)

Mama Rania said...

My daughter pn panggil Nia. Congrats hannan n welcome Nia :)

ciksuen said...

sedapnye name :)

Dr Hannan said...

thank you all
thanks a million
moga2 nia akan jadi anak yg solehah