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Sunday, November 27, 2011

neck lipoma

Blogger shamsul said...
Hi DR. Saya nak tanya satu soalan.. i have lipoma on my back neck. saya nak remove it dengan operate. DR cakap it take few minute je untuk remove lipoma.. but my concern ialah..adakan ianya akan give any effect to my neck later? or my spine? im damm worry. thanks.
Nov 25, 2011 7:59:00 PM
Dear shamsul 
occay , to start with , for general knowledge , lipoma is a kind of benign tumour  (mostly ) , made from adipose tissue  , in malay , ketumbuhan yang berasal daripada lemak-lemak 
lipoma is a painless mass , located subcutaneously.
in an ideal world , this lipoma could be easily be removed surgically.
no big deal
if it's a small size , the operation could be done under local anaesthesia , meaning , u will be fully concious during the procedure - only the area involved being anaesthetized... in most cases - u could still feel the pain.
but it's the quickest way
should the lipoma is too big , and need to be removed , it must be done under general anaesthesia , meaning .. u ll be put to sleep - completely knocked down during the procedure.
now , we go to complication of the removal of the lipoma
most of the cases - it has no complication
just a very simple procedure, something like removing a big pimple from ur skin
unless the lipoma is super big... then there would be risk of bleeding during the operation
other than that - normal sized lipoma , technically it would not cause any damage to ur spine mr shamsul
effect on ur neck?
u might have a scar after the removal...small or big.. again depend on the size of the lipoma :)
hopefully , i have answered all ur question .
owh , one more thing , when they excise ur lipoma , they will send the sample to the lab , to determine what kind of lipoma is it.
but most of the time , the lipoma is harmless
unless u are a very unlucky guy , something happened once in a million cases. .. it could be some kind of cancer...
No worry , i m pretty sure urs is just a benign lipoma :)


shamsul said...

thanks a million DR :)

BayuTimur said...

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Dr Hannan said...

bayu timur - will do yea :) currently getting some input from electronic cigarettes users

BayuTimur said...

tq so much doctor,i wait your respond and i felt so honoured as u look foward to read my comment.tq so and very much

Dr Hannan said...


smita sharma said...

I've had appx 16 lipomas removed, all of them fairly small (between 2cm and 5cm). My first two experiences with lipoma removal were BAD,It was done with local anaesthetic, however it required rather large incisions, lots of stitches, and left me with two very nasty big scars.

wan said...

salam ade lipoma di bahagian badan dan sekarang makin ingin mmbuat pembedahan lipoma ni..bleh doc suggest kn kat mne klinik/hospital yg sesuai..