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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

precious princess

her favorite sleeping position...
very " manja" with daddy
always needs daddy to hug her before she sleeps

never mention that daddy went out
should she know daddy is not around.
she will cry out loud
but will be back smiling when daddy comes back

owh , what a sweet little princess
she makes me smile everyday
she makes my heart grows
never thought being a daddy bring so much happiness to me :)

baby , i love u till the end ;)
and mommy too of course

currently mummy is busy trying to lose her excess weight gained during the pregnancy
but no worry mommy
once the milk start producing in large amout
u'll get back ur slim figure
and can start wearing all ur size 0 dress again

what's daddy doing?
daddy is doing his best to makes his beloved princesses happy
and smiling all day long :)

already at day 4 of her life
my daughter is doing very well
very active
crying out loud when we are changing her diapers
feeding well
the jaundice is reducing

dear parents
should ur infant not feeding well
less active , more sleep and has weak cry
it's a sign that ur baby might has an infection

i pray to God that my baby will grow up healthy and beautifully...
ameen ...
and urs too of course :)


Wahidah said... daddy's gurl never mentioned to her that u want to go out ok..:P

Suliana said...

sweetnya daddy dia :-)

Dr Hannan said...

wahidah - daddy kene kluar ikut tingkap la ni...

suliana - thanks!