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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

majlis aqiqah hanania shakira

Hanania aqiqah was held last friday , after the prayer ,
we were very grateful that the imam n bilal were able to attend the ceremony
Hanania shakira bt mohd hannan , 
hanania means - being loved , shakira means being thankful
such a beautiful name for a beautiful baby girl

according to our beloved prophet S.A.W , it's best the baby being name at the seventh day of her or his life. hence Hanania name only being announced during the day of the aqiqah which is her 7th day of life
during the aqiqah ceremony  , being led by the imam - prayers being read  , and she was fed with a sip of zam zam water and a little taste of kurma
then , here comes " bercukur jambul" part   , it was my first experience ... ehehhee.
then the baby being paraded around the crowd while selawat being sang...
hanania shakira , welcome to the world .
daddy just want u to be a solehah girl
the rest, daddy n mommy will take care of u occay dear darling?

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