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Thursday, December 01, 2011

khairul fahmi ( apek ) - give him a break

this guy , khairul fahmi a.k.a apek has become the most searched people in the internet lately
and he surely made the headlines at the newspaper everyday
for good reason , as well as all the wrong reason

the good part , as we all know , he's our hero - just being announced as the best malaysian goalkeeper
and he definitely was the best player during the recent sea games

unfortunately for him - he's also pretty much famous for the wrong reason as well currently
accused of being scandalous with a few pretty girls
and some of their intimate photos being spread all over the net world

pity him
he's pretty much stressed rite now , and voiced out the fact he might be retiring soon due to the crazy rumour being going him lately.

occay , let's go to the fact
we all malaysian are very much known as mat or miss kepoh
yes, this guy did some silly mistake ,
 maybe a few
but we should cut him some slack right
he's still young and still learning about life
he may be the best goal keeper in the south east asia
but he's still an amateur in life

as a true fan , we all should give him time to learn the mistakes he made
cut him some slack ,
do not just simply slam him blindly , that make u a fool as well
when someone did a mistake and u feel that u need to correct him
be a gentleman and give him the advice in the softest way u could possibly do
should everyone continue condemning him they way u all did right now
i am not suprise if he decided to retire from the football arena
- which eventually would leave a big hole in our national squad..
siapa yang rugi beb?
well all jugak kan.?

so please everyone
stop condemning him
stop bashing him
am sure apek is a nice guy
he is a good muslim as well

he made some stupid mistakes as he's still young and naive
let's pray he will learn from his mistake and be a better man in the future

and before we start telling off other people
go in front of the mirror
and look at ourselves
are we better then them?

at least apek has contributed so much to our nation
what we have done to our country?

sometimes , try to look at someone good side , rather than searching for their bad habit
that will make ur life much happier


Qielafairy said...

Yeah, apek is a nice guy. Keep a good expectation on him. He is Malaysian asset. Huhu

well dr, i like the way you spell occay. Hihi. Okayyy XD

pB said...

doakan agar dia kawin cepat cepat

BayuTimur said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
juliaismail said...

yes Dr. Agreed..Semua orang pernah muda and akan lalui zaman muda. Everybody done something that they regred in their past. Just let him learn the lesson of his life. Some blogger bermegah2 menayangkan gambar2 personal apek. Yes, wht he did was wrong but that is life.

Dr Hannan said...

Qiely : thanks dear.... Let s support apek occay :)

Pb : kite doakan apek akan jadi lebih matang k ...

Bayu : hahahahah.... Those were the days... I m flattered . Thanks a lot anyway....

Julia - agreed.... 100 percent!