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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

subaru BRZ , a car to die for... is it?

this is totally the most awaited car next year
the subaru BRZ
also known as toyota AE 86
and also being copied by the american  , rebadged as scion FRS

nonetheless , next year  ; 2012
this subaru BRZ will be available for malaysian market
somewhere in the 3rd quater of the year
price range...
i reckon it will cost the same as the subaru impreza
should be around rm200 k to 250 k... for manual version

owh my God ,
now i need to figure out the way how to get 200k
i want this car sooooooooooooooooo bad
the boxer engine...
produced around 200hp
that's more than enough for his small sports car
it's so seductive  , so sexy  and yet... elegent in some ways

sportier than the expensive audi tt
sexier than BMW M3
this car makes honda type R looks like a crippled gay elton john

i got this tingling feeling when i see this car first official photos
screw hybrid car , screw EV cars
this is the real man's car
the real deal ...


Ipang said...

depan macam dodge viper

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