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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Another day at work

When u have a cute little princess at home... It feels so hard to be apart from her even just for a while

This morning, before I left for work... As mommy was getting her massage... Daddy was trying hard to put nia to bed ... But she refused.. She was awake all morning... Not crying.. But she was just looking at me into my eyes...
That was such a beautiful moment... And a wonderful feeling...

Then I left for work.... Reluctantly..

Well nia.. Daddy has to work hard so u could have whatever u want darling...

Mommy? Well she is having her 3 months resting period... Taking a good care of u dear baby girl. But daddy knows that mommy is so damn bored staying at home everyday..
Mommy wants to take nia strolling around.. Go shopping...
Dinner at the restaurant..

Well mommy... U just need to hang on for a little while yeah :)
When ur "pantang" period is over..we ll take nia for a nice holiday occay

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