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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Best ever anniversary gift

They said that diamond and gold are women best friends
I used to think that was crap and women love other things than those bling bling thingy
Nonetheless as I grow older and more mature
I come to a conclusion that the saying is so damn true
Nothing has changed ever since

Gold and diamond always bring smile to the ladies... Big big smile of course...
Am I right dear ladies? Hehehhe

Hence she got hers during our anniversary .
It s a token of my appreciation of what she has done for me..
A way of saying " thank you for being my wife "
Some said action speak louder than words
In my case , gold definitely speaks the loudest .

Then , mommy asked daddy
" what do u want for ur anniversary present daddy? "

Daddy said " don't worry, I already got mine.... She is currently pooping on daddy.... Nia is the best gift ever ! , thank you mommy :) "

1 comment:

diari hati said...

Wah, so sweet.Anak adalah hadiah yg pling3 b'harga & terindah bg stiap psgn.. :)