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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

baby with colic

peanut said...
DR Hanan, i would like to refer to u and may i get ur opinion on my nephew's problem..

my nephew is only 28 days old..
he is active..
mom breastfed him well and he drink a lot..
sometimes he burp easily but sometimes it takes time for him to burp...
and he poo a lot too..
about 5 times a day...

the problem right now is he will cry damn loud in midnight untill 3/4 in the morning..

i ve saw I LOVE YOU massage and a few more technique to reduce the gas. but, it doesn't help a lot..

we had brought him to the clinic 2 days back..and the doctor said the baby is having COLIC.. a lot of gas in his stomach..
the dr gave a red colour liquid medicine to be taken 2.5 ml, 4 times a day..

as a result, the baby is soo sleepy..
is it fine for him?

and yesterday we try to reduce the dossage to only 1.5ml...but he cried out loud again in the midnight..

he is doing fine in the morning..

is it colic was caused by the antibiotic gaved to mother when the amnion liquid burst 24 hours before delivery?

i really hope that u can help me with this problem..
thank you! =)

Dear peanut

looks like ur nephew is about my princess nia age
and dont worry ,
u r not alone
Nia also has the same problem

she has colic as well ,
the abdomen become distended
and she is always awake after midnite until early morning
no new issue here
her mommy and granny are also busy trying to keep her calm and asleep

this issue is very common among infant
nothing new here
but it's very tiring for parent
and very frustrating as well

there are a few solution for this problem
first , u can go to the doctor
and they will prescribe u with GRIPE WATER
it's safe to use for infact to reduce gas
after taking this syrup ,
the baby will fart , a lot

hence reduce the gas inside the stomach

however, should ur child still having this issue despite this medication
u should bring ur child to the pediatrician for further assessment

in the market currently
there are also special feeding bottle that can avoid colic
nevertheless,  the effectiveness of these bottle are pretty much questionable

occay , those are my answer as a doctor

should u ask my mom.
she will advise u to "mendemah" ur baby
in the photo above is my princess hanania being "demah" by my mom
she put some sand inside a piece of cloth
warm up the sand
and use the sand inside the cloth to slowly massage nia's stomach
after that being done ,
nia does look a bit comfortable and sleepy
she was quite calm during the process
how effective does this method?
God's know


peanut said...

really appreciate ur instant reply Dr!
thank god u understand my words because i know my english is bad.. hehe..

being ur blog follower for about 2 years, i love to read it as im much interested in medical information rather than gossips...

thinking about ur little princess is just the same age with my nephew, i took the chance to get ur opinion and thought on this problem...

about "mendemah"..yeah! i ve heard about it too.. i'll aplly it to my nephew.. hope that he ll get better..

talking about gripe water and anti colic bottle..yeah..the baby is taking it everyday..

maybe it takes some time.. lets pray for them..

anyway..thanx a lot Dr for ur consultation.. at least it makes me calm with this situation.. really appreciate it...hope Nia get better soon!
=) thank u once again!

juliaismail said...

My mom pun ada mendemah jugak. But inside the bunjut dia ada letak rempah2 apa tah..Dia mengeluarkan bau yang sangat menarik. I rasa ada jual yang ready made. Tak pun, amalan menyapu minyak telon, yu yi, minyak kayu putih dan sebagainya jangan ditinggalkan. Masa sapu ubat tu buat urutan dari pinggang ke arah pusat menggunakan dua belah tangan sambil selawat. Kalau time ni baby buang angin maknanya satu progress yang baik..

BayuTimur said...

assalamualaikum,im not sure if this old saying true or not but colic start from the food that hv been taken by the mother, so try to take the food which contain less 'angin', so that ur bby will not wake u up during the night