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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

When "good" is not enough

Just signed the SPBA
Much has been discussed regarding the SPBA.
Some said... It brings more benefit to the government and less for the citizen like me.
Some said... It is a way to make sure that the government servants work harder
Some said.... If u have to choose between two evil.. Stick with the one u knew... The old school SSM

I signed for the SPBA
Because everyone does!
Well that would be the common answer!
Basically in the SPBA ( who those who r not working in the gov sector) it is a new system where they government want to reward the good workers and easily get rid of the bad ones

The higher ur skt marks... The higher ur salary raised..
If ur skt marks is only satisfactory... U will be given offer to quit ur job! Or the gov can fire u....

In a way.. It s a good way to improve productivity
But , does it...

Skt marks depend on ur boss. Some bosses are very good and they give skt marks to their worker.. With honestly and no bias...
Unfortunately.. Bosses are human as well.
In this system.. The bosses could easily give u bad marks and u will br out of job or u won't get ur salary increment, should ur boss hate u or u r not in a good term with ur boss...

Well.. That's the dilemma.
Fortunately my boss is a very good boss! Heheheheh
This is so true... Tiada niat untuk puji utk Dapat markah skt lebih occay..
My boss is a wise man.. He is trustworthy and I believe he gives people what they deserved.
Which is the reason why I choose to stick with SPBA and remain working at the gov hospital


AziniMZ said...

rezeki masing2.. ada yg dpt bos bagus ada yg dpt bos yg reti bercakap saje..

Atiqah MoHez said...

saya mungkin sign SBPA sebab if u can't fight them, join them..sikap boss satu hal la kan kadang2 dia suka kita cara kita bekerja (time dia happy) kalau tak happy tgk muke pun menyampah (tu lady boss la..true story..hahha) tapi pikir balik..rezeki di tangan Allah..klau keje ikhlas dptlah balasan yg baik dari Allah..

Princess Nur said...

Sy pun dh sign! So far takde pikir yg negatif pun pasal sistem ni