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Friday, December 16, 2011

Open letter to mommy nia

Dear mommy nia,

Daddy knows that nia is at not his best behavior right now
She has been crying a lot..
Keep u and mama awake all night long...

Daddy knows that mommy has been working hard to take care of nia
Daddy knows that mommy is doing her best to make sure nia grows up healthy

Mommy has been pumping her breast milk 24/7 to make sure nia gets the best milk in the world.

Daddy also knows sometimes mommy felt very tired
And frustrated at times as nia keeps crying non stop
Mommy has been doing superb job as a mother so far and daddy really appreciate that

Daddy knows that daddy has not been around a lot
Daddy is working hard for our family
Make sure that mommy and nia get the best in life

Once nia is old enough to travel around... We will go a wonderful holiday .

Daddy knows that mommy is so damn bored staying at home for the past one month.

Soon daddy will take mommy n nia out occay...
Daddy knows mommy loves shopping a lot.
In fact daddy has been working hard to make sure mommy gets whatever she wants to.

Dear mommy.... Above everything... Daddy loves u the most
Please remember that

And nia , when u are older and knows how to read... Please remember all the hard work mommy has put for u
Be a good girl.


tiffany said...

Thank you daddy, Mommy love u so much... Mommy promise will take good care of Our Nia... N will always whisper to her dat daddy is working hard to get d best for both Nia n mommy... We love u daddy!!!

Alin Marlini said...

so sweet...huhuhu

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

awww... the sweetest letter ever!! kak shieda is so lucky to have u!^_^