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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Way to go tiger woods!

Finally, he is back on track
I play golf... Not professionally
But always bring my golf club along with me should there is chance to hit the green..

And obviously tiger woods is my beloved idol.
He may be a good example for a husband.... But as a sportsman... He surely did very well. Tremendously well.

Nonetheless , an very unfortunate event happened to him last year , leading to his poor performance in he tournament ....
Maybe too much pressure from the press... Maybe he was a bit sad losing his wife... Who knows.
He was badly criticized by the people ..
I am surprised he didn't commit suicide.

Nevertheless .... After 2 trophy less year ... He is back on the podium. Good for u tiger!

Yes, this guy did something bad and shameful.
But at the same time.. He did have an amazing achievement in his life.
He does deserved a bit of bashing
And that was it
But we all must forgive and forget

Let bygone be bygones