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Friday, June 17, 2011

the same old question.....

since i became i doctor....
i have been asked the same question ... over and over again...
and this question commonly asked by the medical students....
< Dr Hannan .... honestly.... how do u feel being a doctor >

and my answer has changes a few times as times goes by...

when i first became a doctor..
during my housemanship...
my answer was  " being a doctor is like a living hell"
i even advised them to not being a doctor
i have my reason
and yes..
at that time... , it was killing me being an intern at busy general hospital
i have no life..
but in hospital...

as i finished my housemanship..
and now i am a legally medical officer..
life as a doctor has changed

during housemanship... i dont make decision..
i follow orders only
and that was no fun
but it was for my own good.
i knew very little to decide between life and death

and now thing has changed
as a medical officer
i have to make the life saving or otherwise decision..
and .... it felt really good when my patient came out alive
and it hurts a lot when someone died...
all of these.. make my daily life.. more interesting
rather just go to work everyday..
following other orders for every single little thing..

so right now...
how do i feel being a doctor
the answer would be.... i feel good... i love saving life..
and i look foward to go to work every single day
... except weekend... i need my day off too...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

nora elena.... menitik air mataku....

congratulation tv3
congrate and thank you very much for showing this beautiful drama....
i love the nora elena drama series a lot
the casting is a perfect combination.
mr macho man aaron aziz
and the gorgeous siti saleha

it is such a lovely drama plot..
my 7 pm to  8pm everyday is the most waited hour of the day
i hope tv3 will next produce the DVD for this series...

meleleh air mataku  when i watch the drama...
it is so real..
love it.. love it....

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

it hurts the most

it hurts the most
yes it does
i have seen these thousand of times in my life
never thought it would happened to someone very close to me
someone who is very important in my life

as a doctor , cancer is no stranger to me
day in and day out..
there are thousands of cancer patients in and out for the hospitals everyday
and it doesnt bother me much
coz it is part of my job

until i get the news someone very close to me also been diagnosed with cancer
it broke my heart
my eyes bursted into tears
i was speechless when he phoned me to tell me the bad news

he was my best friend , a father figure to me
someone who took care of me when i was studying in moscow
he made my life in moscow so meaningful and a lot of joy and fun
he was there for me .... up and down
day and night

he was an active person...
had a very healthy life style
very health concious
no smoking ...
eat healthy stuff
and yet... he still ended up with cancer

i hope i could be there for him
currently he is treated in singapore
i am going to singapore very soon to meet him
i ll be there for u sir

Monday, June 13, 2011


Again... For a thousand time...
My sincere apology for the absence
I was abducted by alien...
Occay... Too good to be true
Actually I was busy doing stuff
Busy thinking....
And eventually it still lead to nowhere

I'm still the same
Nothing much change
gonna be a father soon
Hopefully everything will be fine
Will do my best to keep updating my blog