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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

it hurts the most

it hurts the most
yes it does
i have seen these thousand of times in my life
never thought it would happened to someone very close to me
someone who is very important in my life

as a doctor , cancer is no stranger to me
day in and day out..
there are thousands of cancer patients in and out for the hospitals everyday
and it doesnt bother me much
coz it is part of my job

until i get the news someone very close to me also been diagnosed with cancer
it broke my heart
my eyes bursted into tears
i was speechless when he phoned me to tell me the bad news

he was my best friend , a father figure to me
someone who took care of me when i was studying in moscow
he made my life in moscow so meaningful and a lot of joy and fun
he was there for me .... up and down
day and night

he was an active person...
had a very healthy life style
very health concious
no smoking ...
eat healthy stuff
and yet... he still ended up with cancer

i hope i could be there for him
currently he is treated in singapore
i am going to singapore very soon to meet him
i ll be there for u sir

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