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Sunday, June 27, 2010

happy birthday to me

Thank u god almighty..
Another year passed by and I'm still alive
and fairly healthy...
Definitely not getting old..
Just adding another year of wisdom and maturity
Thanks for all the lovely birthday wishes and
Presents. All I wish for is a joyful life
Ahead and happiness plus lots of money!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

just cant wait to get over it

i was on call last nite
it was the same like the other nites ... i had been doing a lot of oncalls lately due to " houseman dificiency " phenomenon...

just cant wait for the week to be over,
gonna have a lil break next week
the my birthday is coming up!!!
yes!!! no way i'll be working on my birthday aite!

currently enjoying the new EMINEM song... LOve the way you lie.

my oncall last night

We , doctors in malaysia , have a very unique working hours ( some called it ridiculous). After working for 24 hours non stop during our oncall, we still need to continue working on the next day.. Which technically made us work for about 36 hours in 48 days... Some said even the bangladeshi at the construction site have more "friendly" working hours than us... Nevertheless... Siapalah saya untuk complaint... Bersama sama kite menjayakn wawasan 1 malaysia

Friday, June 18, 2010

babies everywhere...

currently me is working at the neonatal ward....
so... there are babies everywhere...

sometimes they all look super cute..
but sometimes, they could be super annoying
yeah, they are babies.
they know nothing but to cry and breastfeed..
but really,
there were times when these little creatures pushed me toward the edge..
and I thank God for giving me the art of being patient and super cool :P

but , in the end of the day... babies are cute...

truth was

my laptop was stolen when my house was robbed a few weeks ago.
well.. that was one of my unfortunate events that occured to me
therefore , i lost a lot of my precious memory that was keep inside the laptop..
all the photos.... are gone..

hencefoward, to all my dear friends who has photo of me..
pls kindly email it to me..

a part of me was taken away..

damn u robber...curse u to death

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

my morning prayer....

i woke up every morning , praying that everyday will be a better day...
and i pray that i'll be a super rich dude someday!


well.. it does sound superficial and materialistic..
but then...
that's what keep me going..
work hard day out

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

losing weight

that's not my tummy!

but i did gain a lot of weight lately
since my niece was admitted to ward for about a month last month
my parents have been staying at my house
hence, there were food ... a lot of food prepared by my mom for me at each meal

i'm not used to eat 3-4 times a day
me so used being alone, i usually eat once a day,
two meals at most
hardly eat any breakfast before...
most of time skipped lunch cause the ward was too busy
too many sick people..
so i normally ended up just eating dinner for the whole day

well, that was my story

now, i need to work up to lose a lot of weight
no kidding

start dieting
no RICE!
i hate rice anyway...
but rice is like everywhere
hard to avoid them
sometimes u went for lunch with frens..
and for lunch, malay usually eat rice...
here in kota bharu, people love nasi ulam and nasi kukus for lunch..
hence, when we went there
it would be a bit awkward if i order fettucini al fredo instead rite,.
yet, i ended up with rice again...

Friday, June 11, 2010

bouncing back

may 2010 was a horrible month in my life
lots of bad things happened to me,
series of unfortunate event.

but it's all over.
it's june now..
and this june gonna be the best june in my life.
i'm bouncing back

what i lost,
have recovered..
caused a big dent on my bank account
but life has to go on
and i want to live a comfortable life.
i work hard, and i want to enjoy the part when I'm not working

this month gonna be an awesome month
my birthday is coming at the end of the month
my mom birthday is near my birthday too..

God, give us ur blessing and happiness