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Friday, June 11, 2010

bouncing back

may 2010 was a horrible month in my life
lots of bad things happened to me,
series of unfortunate event.

but it's all over.
it's june now..
and this june gonna be the best june in my life.
i'm bouncing back

what i lost,
have recovered..
caused a big dent on my bank account
but life has to go on
and i want to live a comfortable life.
i work hard, and i want to enjoy the part when I'm not working

this month gonna be an awesome month
my birthday is coming at the end of the month
my mom birthday is near my birthday too..

God, give us ur blessing and happiness


.fadzmie.met. said...

nice blog here! :)

"MULAN" said...

stay strong, stay healthy & happy..