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Sunday, February 27, 2011

isu berbangkit

many of my readers are not in agreement with my previous statement
yes, u have ur point
 drug user deserve second chance
even thou they are hiv positive , there deserve an up most care by doctors
deserve the best medicine...

it's easier said than done if u dont have to deal with these people , day in... day out...

but , instead of putting ur foot in the drug users shoes...
try putting one in the doctor's shoes who have been infected by hiv virus
after getting needle prick injury from the active drug user , who is also a hiv positive..
then u will think twice...

after years of hard work at med school,
many months of grueling days as houseman...
u ended being a hiv positive patient ,
infected from ur stupid idiot patient who abuse themselves

how do u feel ?
how do ur parent feel?
how the people going to treat u?
will our government compensate u? that's NO for sure...

does it worth risking ur life...?

of course being a doctor is a noble job...
but still , we are human after all
we are not resistance to hiv virus
we have no back up if we get infected..
seriously ,
is it worth it???

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

not my best interest

this is how hiv virus looks like..
scary isnt it?

everybody knows what HIV is...
everybody knows what AIDS is...
and it's scary..

it's even scarier when u have to deal with this virus everyday
being a doctor , i have to deal with the risk of being infected with HIV virus everyday.
yes, doctors and staff nurses have higher risk of getting hiv virus compared to people who works at the strip clubs... funny isnt it?
but it's a true fact.

as we all know , people can get HIV virus via blood , sex and mother to baby
to those babies who got infected from mother whom HIV positive ,
there are unfortunate babies , and we have to treat them

but how about the drug addict who got HIV thru the needles and blood?
is it worth it to save their life?

does it worth to risk doctors and nurses life to treat a drug addict with hiv positive?

that's the question that being haunting every medical personal on earth

back then , any drug addict with hiv positive , doctors could just discharge them from ward...

but then , since the rise of a lady called Marina Mahathir ,she managed to convince the government to make a rule in which , any HIV positive patient must be given same treatment as any other patient
no discrimination at all , regardless the patient is an active drug user or not....

and the truth is , i'm not a big fan of Marina Mahathir
yes, it's such an honourable job  to give justice to the infected people , and yes she's a noble lady

but does the patient ( drug users who abuse their own body  , and hiv positive ) deserve the best care?

i have my doubt on that.

let me give u an example of situation we have everyday at the hospital
maybe Marina Mahathir never face this " situation "
and this is a true story....

a man , an active drug user , had an accident while he was too high on drug..
he crashed his motocyle into the drain and got himself a ruptured spleen
which mean he has active bleeding inside the abdomen
which mean he require surgery to stop the bleeding and continue his life so that he can continue taking drugs for fun.
Upon arriving to the hospital , he's tested with HIV positive...

So, let me asked all the readers here...
it is worth it ...

in order to save this wonderfully pleasant drug addict , we had to do surgery which mean risking the surgeons , the nurses , the anaesthetist  and the hospital personal involved - should the drug addict blood entered any of these people blood stream??????

then next question...
is it worthy to do a major surgery to save someone who abuse themselves?
does it worth all the government money?

is it worthy to use the blood from the blood bank on this patient during the surgery???
people who donated blood really hope their blood given to the drug user????

and many more questions..
which ... make me crazy when i think about it...

and let me ask u something...
if  a hospital personal got infected with HIV virus while handling this kind of patient.... does the government has any compensation plan for these people?
i'm sure the government would say - " it's ur own fault for not handling them correctly "
so yes...
why would i treat a HIV positive drug addict????
u tell me

Sunday, February 20, 2011

the hot issue

many has been asking me the same question
regarding the "hot issue "
which has been circulating in the newspaper lately
i choose to keep silence until the "hot issue" get cold a bit before i come out with my opinion
definitely not wanting my statement to be in the newspaper or anything

the hot issue was " russian medical student graduate are not competent enough to practice as doctor in malaysia"

well , honestly and personally , i'm getting sick of this issue..."

one day at the hospital 
i was hanging out with a group of medical officers...
and someone brought up the houseman issue...
one thing led to another...
the issue about the russian university graduate housemen (RUGH) came out..

then... the started to complain ... this and that about RUGHs
i just kept my mouth shut and just listening...
as they were busy complaining..
one of them noticed i was being quite for quite sometimes...
until one my colleague decided to asked me...
"hannan ... where did u graduated ?
I answered spontaneously  " moscow  "
and he was like " whatttt?" 
i just smiled....
then one of them ..." i guess , not all RUGHs are as bad as the mention in the newpapers.... must be isolated cases "
" maybe... maybe not " i replied ...

honestly , i have nothing much to say to my colleague
i just let my action at work speak for me...

of course and definitely ,
if u graduated from foreign universities..
and u come back and work in Malaysia ,
the system is different', a lof of differences indeed
during my first few months as houseman , i was struggling to adapt 
but it happened to all overseas students... not just RUGHs
day in  , day out at work as houseman ... u'll get better...

so, why the RUGHs issue become so intensified?
i reckon it is because , lately there are too many RUGHs just started working
hence , for these RUGHs to become RUGMO ( medical officers )
for sure they will bump into so many problems and obstacles.
therefore .... the RUGHs are in the spotlight at the moment

truthfully ,
it's up to the individual..
it doesnt matter where u graduated..
it doesnt matter who's ur father...
it doesnt matter how rich u are 
( it does matter if u are good looking and pretty thou : p )

in the end of the day ,
what matter the most are...
ur willingness the work hard, 
ur honesty in work ,
ur smile to ur patient and to ur colleague...
that will make u a good doctor

Saturday, February 19, 2011

no more sepet!!!

image from

I was reading an article the other day about plastic surgery
yes,  one of my dream was to be a plastic surgeon
but currently i'm into anesthesia and intensive care unit....

So, there is one article about plastic surgery
called the double eyelid surgery
it's actually meant for chinese people
who want rounder eyes.
yes, since chinese is always associated with "sepet"
this surgery will definitely change the perspective

just another magic wonder of plastic surgery!

the boring new civic

images taken from

these are the photos of the upcoming 2012 honda civic
the replacement for the current honda civic
being one of the most "loved" car by malaysian driver,
this new styling and look
definitely very promising and greet with open arms by the grandpa
and grandmas, the uncle and the unties....

look great for driver who is reaching 50 years old
and drive less then 50km/h
and the kids love this too when u use the car to send them to kindergarden

i love this new looks
the front looks like and old chrysler
the back looks exactly like the 1990 citroen.
job well done honda...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

good day , bad day

i had a wonderful day out with my beloved yesterday
nonetheless, there were a few unfortunate events happened in between
as we are planning for something new ,
the present is broken

it was frustrating
but life must go on!

everyday , five times per day ,
I pray to God
that i'll be healthy , happy and definitely rich
i pray to God that my love to my wife grow stronger each day
i pray to Allah to give me success and shunt me away from failure
I pray to Allah to forgive all my sins
I pray to Allah to us babies!

Owh God,  please bless us ... amin

Sunday, February 13, 2011

i catch a grenade for u!

2 pic yang sangat bermakna!

1st pic - yes, it was my dinner , my wife cooked for me.

2nd pic - a big smile on my face when u have a wonderful wife!


it's such a delightful feeling to come back home everyday from work
and ur wife is waiting at home,
with a charming smile ,
serve u with a cold drink
definitely took all ur problem at work away
then she prepare u dinner while u take shower...
that is the best thing in life...

and yes, defintiely , i took a grenade for u darling.!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Paru paru berair

When I first heard the term " paru paru berair " , I was like " what the heck that supposed to mean?
Apparently , in layman term , it referred to pneumonia or dalam bahasa melayu bermakdud jangkitan kuman pada paru paru.
It's a very common illness. Everyone has got it at least once in their life. Some got mild infection. Some got severe infection which until the extend of requiring icu admission. Mintak jauh la kan.

Worse , it's more common in children...
What are the symptom? The classical would be fever, cough and fast breathing. That would be the definition for bronchopneumonia in children.

The treatment? No other than antibiotic.

So Mcm mane term paru2 berair bole timbul?
In severe pnuemonia, it could lead to pleural effusion which mean accumulation of fluid inside he lungs , hence come the term paru paru berair.....

Saturday, February 05, 2011

wish them well

what happening in egypt right now is such an shame to the muslim nation
the riot .
the protest against the president...
it had cost the nation dearly.

as a muslim country , they should have show a good example..
now , the condition in egypt is no better than in palestine
what a shame.

this situation also affected our nation ,
as there are about 11000 malaysian in egypt
mostly are students
pity these people ...
who went there to pursue their dream..
and the dream  is currently dashed away ...
no one know when the protest will end
and if it ended,
it will take a long time to recover...

I studied oversea before.
i know the feeling of being away far from home
i know the difficulties living as foreigner.
i was a JPA scholar ,
i know my job was to complete my study
and come back home with my degree

but those students in egypt are effected badly
those who are safely home...
they are wondering what will happen to their future?
could they go back to egypt and continue their study?
or continue here back home..
but if they want to continue in local university ,
most likely to have to start all over again...

for those who are still in egypt...
they are still fighting for their life.
there was so little food for everyone...

i hope we all could learn a lesson here...
such protest or riot will bring no good to anyone...
husni mubarok  still refuse to resign
and the riot is still a never ending story..
nobody wins..
everyone lost!

it's my nature

is it just me,
or it's a human nature..
we closed our eyes when we bite?


me is not talking about just food...

of course when we eat , while biting - we definitely closed our eyes?
a lot happened when we bite...
the food got smashed...
all the sauces flying all over the place.....

Thursday, February 03, 2011

dry lips - part ll

first and foremost..
happy chinese new year for all my chinese friend
hope u guys have a wonderful year ahead
and a great celebration..

Gong Xi Fat Choi !!!

back to my promise to continue about the issue of dry lips..

the treatment for dry lips..

acute and fast treatment would be the petroleum gel and the lips balm
but those are only temporary
the real treatment would be change of lifestyle..
if u live u cold weather area ... try to get more humidity in ur daily life
it happened to me when i studied in moscow back down
my lips was very dry
it came to the extend that it bleed!
no kidding....

to those who love kissing...
less kissing
and less licking ur own lips

if u cant stop kissing...
then lips balm should be ur permenant partner...

happy holiday guys!
love u all

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Bibirku kering??

Asked another reader....
Why my lips always dry???

Well the most common cause would be not drinking enough water.
Tapi reader ni minum banyak air sampai kembung perut die. Hehehhe..

Next cause would be her lifestyle . Does she likes to lick het lips? Tabiat menjilat bibir juga boleh menyebabkan bibir kering...
Orrrr, she likes to kiss a lot!!!!
That could be another cause of dry lips!
In the saliva ( air liur ) there is an enzyme that irritant to the lips membrane. Hence it will destroy the protective membrane which give the moist to the lips, and eventually cause dry lips!

Or maybe...she lives in Canada.... Very cold weather could cause dry lips too. Same goes to the extreme hot weather.

.... To be continued....