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Saturday, February 05, 2011

wish them well

what happening in egypt right now is such an shame to the muslim nation
the riot .
the protest against the president...
it had cost the nation dearly.

as a muslim country , they should have show a good example..
now , the condition in egypt is no better than in palestine
what a shame.

this situation also affected our nation ,
as there are about 11000 malaysian in egypt
mostly are students
pity these people ...
who went there to pursue their dream..
and the dream  is currently dashed away ...
no one know when the protest will end
and if it ended,
it will take a long time to recover...

I studied oversea before.
i know the feeling of being away far from home
i know the difficulties living as foreigner.
i was a JPA scholar ,
i know my job was to complete my study
and come back home with my degree

but those students in egypt are effected badly
those who are safely home...
they are wondering what will happen to their future?
could they go back to egypt and continue their study?
or continue here back home..
but if they want to continue in local university ,
most likely to have to start all over again...

for those who are still in egypt...
they are still fighting for their life.
there was so little food for everyone...

i hope we all could learn a lesson here...
such protest or riot will bring no good to anyone...
husni mubarok  still refuse to resign
and the riot is still a never ending story..
nobody wins..
everyone lost!

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