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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Bibirku kering??

Asked another reader....
Why my lips always dry???

Well the most common cause would be not drinking enough water.
Tapi reader ni minum banyak air sampai kembung perut die. Hehehhe..

Next cause would be her lifestyle . Does she likes to lick het lips? Tabiat menjilat bibir juga boleh menyebabkan bibir kering...
Orrrr, she likes to kiss a lot!!!!
That could be another cause of dry lips!
In the saliva ( air liur ) there is an enzyme that irritant to the lips membrane. Hence it will destroy the protective membrane which give the moist to the lips, and eventually cause dry lips!

Or maybe...she lives in Canada.... Very cold weather could cause dry lips too. Same goes to the extreme hot weather.

.... To be continued....


A.s.t.i.n.a said...

haha baru nak advice doc, jgn selalu jilat2 basahkan bibir sendiri.. ok wrong channel... abaikan..

MadianiMamat said...

tq doc..jgn lupe cont sbb soalan sy blum terjawab tu...hehe