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Thursday, February 03, 2011

dry lips - part ll

first and foremost..
happy chinese new year for all my chinese friend
hope u guys have a wonderful year ahead
and a great celebration..

Gong Xi Fat Choi !!!

back to my promise to continue about the issue of dry lips..

the treatment for dry lips..

acute and fast treatment would be the petroleum gel and the lips balm
but those are only temporary
the real treatment would be change of lifestyle..
if u live u cold weather area ... try to get more humidity in ur daily life
it happened to me when i studied in moscow back down
my lips was very dry
it came to the extend that it bleed!
no kidding....

to those who love kissing...
less kissing
and less licking ur own lips

if u cant stop kissing...
then lips balm should be ur permenant partner...

happy holiday guys!
love u all


Nonie Z.A said...

Ok dr..
Less kissing :D

MULAN said...

happy holidays..!!!

A.s.t.i.n.a said...

kissing is a must...

lip balm wud be chosen..

MadianiMamat said...

hahahaha...tq doc! :)