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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Paru paru berair

When I first heard the term " paru paru berair " , I was like " what the heck that supposed to mean?
Apparently , in layman term , it referred to pneumonia or dalam bahasa melayu bermakdud jangkitan kuman pada paru paru.
It's a very common illness. Everyone has got it at least once in their life. Some got mild infection. Some got severe infection which until the extend of requiring icu admission. Mintak jauh la kan.

Worse , it's more common in children...
What are the symptom? The classical would be fever, cough and fast breathing. That would be the definition for bronchopneumonia in children.

The treatment? No other than antibiotic.

So Mcm mane term paru2 berair bole timbul?
In severe pnuemonia, it could lead to pleural effusion which mean accumulation of fluid inside he lungs , hence come the term paru paru berair.....


A.s.t.i.n.a said...

the symtoms r quite general aaa doc.. the problem is ppl owest take things for granted.. demam biasa jer tu.. naaahh at the end of it, dah terlewat..

akie said...

sbelum ni sy pikir kalau paru paru berair tu = pleural effusion je.. :P

Ka Ann Nor Raihan said...

very misleading.

fadzli said...

how about rumour by some malays mentioned that paru2 berair is because of night shower/bath?even some did research and claimed prove it right..

fadzli said...