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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

not my best interest

this is how hiv virus looks like..
scary isnt it?

everybody knows what HIV is...
everybody knows what AIDS is...
and it's scary..

it's even scarier when u have to deal with this virus everyday
being a doctor , i have to deal with the risk of being infected with HIV virus everyday.
yes, doctors and staff nurses have higher risk of getting hiv virus compared to people who works at the strip clubs... funny isnt it?
but it's a true fact.

as we all know , people can get HIV virus via blood , sex and mother to baby
to those babies who got infected from mother whom HIV positive ,
there are unfortunate babies , and we have to treat them

but how about the drug addict who got HIV thru the needles and blood?
is it worth it to save their life?

does it worth to risk doctors and nurses life to treat a drug addict with hiv positive?

that's the question that being haunting every medical personal on earth

back then , any drug addict with hiv positive , doctors could just discharge them from ward...

but then , since the rise of a lady called Marina Mahathir ,she managed to convince the government to make a rule in which , any HIV positive patient must be given same treatment as any other patient
no discrimination at all , regardless the patient is an active drug user or not....

and the truth is , i'm not a big fan of Marina Mahathir
yes, it's such an honourable job  to give justice to the infected people , and yes she's a noble lady

but does the patient ( drug users who abuse their own body  , and hiv positive ) deserve the best care?

i have my doubt on that.

let me give u an example of situation we have everyday at the hospital
maybe Marina Mahathir never face this " situation "
and this is a true story....

a man , an active drug user , had an accident while he was too high on drug..
he crashed his motocyle into the drain and got himself a ruptured spleen
which mean he has active bleeding inside the abdomen
which mean he require surgery to stop the bleeding and continue his life so that he can continue taking drugs for fun.
Upon arriving to the hospital , he's tested with HIV positive...

So, let me asked all the readers here...
it is worth it ...

in order to save this wonderfully pleasant drug addict , we had to do surgery which mean risking the surgeons , the nurses , the anaesthetist  and the hospital personal involved - should the drug addict blood entered any of these people blood stream??????

then next question...
is it worthy to do a major surgery to save someone who abuse themselves?
does it worth all the government money?

is it worthy to use the blood from the blood bank on this patient during the surgery???
people who donated blood really hope their blood given to the drug user????

and many more questions..
which ... make me crazy when i think about it...

and let me ask u something...
if  a hospital personal got infected with HIV virus while handling this kind of patient.... does the government has any compensation plan for these people?
i'm sure the government would say - " it's ur own fault for not handling them correctly "
so yes...
why would i treat a HIV positive drug addict????
u tell me


Anna Mohamed Amin said...

how do you know if the patient who came in after an accident for an emergency operation is diagnosed with HIV due to drug abuse?

I don't like the fact that we have to treat these people as well. They abused themselves and cause danger to others.. :(

SyUdAs RaUnA HaiDaS said...

ye doktor.

sgt x berbaloi nak treat patients jenis camnie.

kalo ikutkan hati nak biar je sebab cr penyakit sendiri.

buat habis ubat kerajaan je kot treat dorang nie.

kejam bunyinyer tp dorang sendiri cr penyakit.

ralat sgt kalo dgr ade someone yg sihat walafiat kehe HIV just because treat manusia camtu.


miszlullaby said...

susah sangat nih...kalau nak jawab soklan kat atas,semuanya tak berbaloi untuk dibazirkan dekat drug addict. ramai ke dr. hannan patient yg HIV positive?

Wahidah said...

han nak request pesal ape related gerd n asthma n the since blk sini i got severe asthma attack ewith on and off fever..

send my regards to shieda..:)

akie said...


Dr. Rodzila Rodi said...

i agree with u Dr. Han
my frenz got TB from IVDU, with HIV positive and PTB.
also,needleprick injury after taking HIV+ve patient's blood..although using double glove..
not worth it at all!!!

Is That Hafizzzz....?? said...

ntah le hannan, bg aku nyawa itu milik Allah, soal die drug addict ke x tu urusan die ngn Tuhan..kita ni sbg doktor dah diamanahkan oleh Tuhan dgn ilmu yg dikurniakan Nya ini utk treat patient..sape lah kite ni utk judge manusia..kpd Allah jualah kita semua kembali..

Anonymous said...

entry yg menarik..

tp cuma nak bagi pertanyaan balik..

mcm mana kalo patient HIV itu adalah anak kita?kakak kita?abang kita?dan memang dulu drug addict?

dan ada doktor kat hospital refused nk treat dia..dan masa itu apa perasaan kita?

kita bantu semampu kita memberi yang terbaik buat kehidupan manusia..selebihnya sama ada worth it atau tidak itu bukan urusan kita..


Adzrul Ariff said...

In this case, I have to agree with you as I share the same sentiment. Sometimes, it's just not worth it, they had their chances and they had their choices. Why implicate others in the matter?

I've had a fellow HO colleague while in Medical posting, a 1st poster fresh off the university, who accidentally got needle-pricked, and the patient was HIV positive! And he too, apparently was tested as positive due to that one incident. I can't imagine being in his shoes - a decent guy with so much future ahead of him, all destroyed because of this one encounter. I don't know him that well but my heart goes to him, hopefully he'll pull through (he has since stopped working due to the adverse reaction of the HAART treatment).

It's easy for the public to tell us what if it happens to our family members, etc...why not put themselves in the medical staffs' position - with all the hazards and risks, are you really going to go through with it if you have the chance to opt out of it?

Honestly, I'd have done whatever I can, and I did, because it's my job, but if possible, I'll opt out.

honey bedazzled said...

a colleague of mine,in HKL a pharmacist kena scratch kat tangan kat ward because a houseman lupa nak close back the needle lepas amik blood patient with hiv positive! xpasai pasai sahaja pharmacist kena. and we have to deal with methadone, kasik kat mereka ini.lagi annoying. i agree with u doctor in this case. sungguh tidak suka.

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