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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

good day , bad day

i had a wonderful day out with my beloved yesterday
nonetheless, there were a few unfortunate events happened in between
as we are planning for something new ,
the present is broken

it was frustrating
but life must go on!

everyday , five times per day ,
I pray to God
that i'll be healthy , happy and definitely rich
i pray to God that my love to my wife grow stronger each day
i pray to Allah to give me success and shunt me away from failure
I pray to Allah to forgive all my sins
I pray to Allah to us babies!

Owh God,  please bless us ... amin


MULAN said...

take care doc..!! usaha, doa & tawakkal.. insyA..

Princess Nur said...

amin..Insyaallah..i'll pray for u too ^_^

Princess Nur said...

amin..Insyaallah..i'll pray for u too ^_^

MamaChia said...

doa dan tawakkal doc..itu hanya ujaiNYA..

Dr. Rodzila Rodi said...

chill doc..
this is wat we called..LIFE!

tapi mmg tension kan..huk huk huk

draliaman said...

sabar hannan..doa byk2..akan dpt, i"Allah.lmbt ke cpt,sumenye rezki doakan utk shida n hannan ameen...ganbate!