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Thursday, December 08, 2011

it is a hard and difficult situation

Blogger juliaismail said...
Sedih baca. :-( Dr i have a question to ask and hoping for ur advise. I ada close friend diagnose with a stage 2 brain canser just 3month after get married. Menurut Dr, tumor tu berada di bahagian paling penting otak and hardly can be remove. Cuma boleh keluarkan sebanyak mana yang mungkin. Dr bagi dia option sama ada kimo atau buat major operation to remove which can lead to lumpuh. Her husband ask me for opinion but seriously i pun tak tau. I felt sory for them. Inai masih ada kat jari kaki.

dear julia

i felt sorry for ur friend
to be diagnosed with brain cancer ,
some said - it would be the end of the world
some said " my life is over "
off all cancer , brain cancer would be considered as the most fearful
as it could easily effect our mind , emotion , feeling , rational thinking...
all those stuff that u need to get thru ur life in order

u mentioned that ur friend is already at the stage ll
it's still an early stage
but we both not sure about the severity of her condition right
usually at stage ll
a patient could still have an active daily life
but the symptom occurs quite oftenly
in her case , symptoms could be severe headache and mood swing

in many case , at stage ll of cancer,
combination of surgery and chemotheraphy do produced a good result
nevertheless , these two methods also come with bad side effect
in her case ,
if surgical to be done  , maybe a part of the brain need to be removed
and during chemotheraphy ...
other healthy brain cells will be dead as well resulting for the toxic effect of the chemo drugs
imagine if u only have half of ur brain
that's is one of the possibilities that could happen to her

we could treat the cancer ,
but her brain would be effected as well...

she could fight until the end... but it would be a difficult battle to win...

cancer always relapsed even if we defeated them once ....

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nuraisyah amani said...

Julia, remember Allah is always there when u need Him. My auntie was diagnosed to have stage 4 skin cancer n the cells were effect to the told her that she only have 3 month of life.she went to 3 hospital to confirm the findings.and all hospital told the same story.Stage 4 stage was story on March 2011.she refused to have chemo n start the alternative medication such went to Harun Din, Oxygen theraphy n so on..she also live actively,jungle walk to bukit broga every week..n the most important she never stop pray to Allah..Amazingly,end of december 2011 she went for her cancer check up, doctor do all of test n they found out the cancer cell has cancer at all.Subhanallah.Mungkin doctor ade explaination on could this happen?