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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Good intention and good riddance ??

Good intention and good riddance , those four words do not always come together

There are moments in life... When u do something with purely good intention... But in end of the day... U end up in the courtroom. Worse case scenario... In jail.

That is life . It sucks but it is true

For example
Life as a doctor .
People expect u to save life
And we do.. All the time
No question about that
But then,
Nobody remember how many life we have saved
Nobody keep track on that
But once u screwed up..
It will be on ur record forever and
People will remember u as a doctor who screwed up.

I knew a few doctors who refuse to take or treat critical cases
Just to keep their record clean and clear
U can't blame him
We doctors have family as well to take care of
We need to keep our job safe

Plus, in this new SPBA system, we want high marks for our skt
Hence we will get higher salary every year

It is a normal human instinct
We want to be safe before others

No one to be blame for this

The system has made our life so rigid
Everything must be done accordingly

Rules comes first... Other people life comes second

But we all need to keep our periuk nasi right
How I wish all doctors could work
As freely as u seen on tv... House md for example...

1 comment:

BayuTimur said...

u are totally right!the new SPBA system. same in education, if not mistaken SKT below then 75%, you (cikgu2)will be jobless.