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Saturday, November 19, 2011

my gegirl

day 2 of life
my beloved princess... my gegirl..

well , i guess at some point of my life , this blog will change its name to dr hannan fatherhood

thank you for all the warm wishes guy,
then comes the next fav question
"how's life as a father "
well... so far..  hhhmmmm
pretty much indescribable

but on top of everything.. i feel very happy and very much excited

yes - it's tiring as well
truth was... for the past 72 hours...
i reckon i slept less than 10 hours

a day before my wife went to labour ...
i was oncall.. hence.. there was very little sleep there
the next day , i went back home , rested for a while,
then when to the gym in the evening...
after that , while i was at the clinic at night ...
she went into active phase of labour..

from the clinic , i rushed to the labour room
it was about 11pm when she was admitted to the labour room.
gegirl was born at 340 am the next day ...
and i was awake thru out the processes

6 hours later , we went back home.
i was thankful everything went well
and my baby and my beloved wife were healthy and doing great along the way

at home... last nite my gegirl was sleeping well during day time
but after midnite .... she kept us busy until dawn...
since mommy still struggling with breastfeeding...
she was pretty much hungry last night .. hence
we both didnt much rest or sleep

things are getting better today
gegirl is feeding well
less crying
but she's very active :)
let's see how she's reacting tonite yeah?

WHAT's her name?
it will be keep as a secret until her 7th day of life

but everyone is invited to guess the "secret" name...
wondering eh/?


Princess Nur said...

she's sooooo cute! congrats to both of u doc =)

Aleeya (Yaya) said...

congrats cute!!!baby ni cpt je muka berubah ubah kan..amk picca byk2 ..nnt kita akan nampak perbezaan muka dia..=)

Syima Emi said...

congratsss... come lote anok dara ni...hehehehe

Ladysirna said...

So cute pinky girl..congrats!

Dr Hannan said...

thanks a million everyone :)