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Sunday, November 27, 2011

twinkle twinkle little shakira

 twinkle twinkle little star...
why i feel my head so empty daddy ?
coz i just shaved u bald baby nia...
then u will grow a new of beautiful hair...
"0ccay daddy ... but i feel itchy... "
No worry baby girl.... let's put on a cap on u occay little princess....

she's so manje
my little princess
At day 9 of her life
i shaved her hair bald yesterday :)
she looks like a baby G I Jane
prettier than ever.

cant believe it's already a week passed by
she's growing so fast....
we are both enjoying every second of parenthood

yes , there are many sleepless night we went thru
and many more to come i reckon
but it's a part of making something wonderful

just look at her cute face
a week old and she's sleeping like a 6 years old princess
nicely put her hand as a pillow
but always need daddy's chest as her mattress

my paternal leave is coming to the end
in fact today is the last day
tomorrow i ll be back oncall again
i 'm gonna miss her  a lot

gonna miss changing her diapers
gonna miss singing lullaby to her

she's my little angel...
cant wait till she 's fit enough to travel around
so many place for her to see out there :)

also noticed mommy already bored to death being confined to home quarantine
after giving birth
she's such an active lady
40 days of pantang not gonna go well her definitely
we'll see about that

pantang for my wife?
no such thing for me
i ll take her out for dinner as soon as she feels ready to go out
i let her eat what she wants :)
i'm not the kind of husband who eats steak while my wife has to eat ikan bakar for 40 days
if i'm eating lamb chops , she will have her fav too :)
the rest... there are always plastic surgery to take care of :)


dayanaazhar:) said...

wah dah besar. comel nye. can't wait to see her hair later on. hehe..

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

she's so beautiful...

Dr Hannan said...

Dayana- hehehhe super star in the making...