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Sunday, November 20, 2011

gegirl and avent

any avent sales representative out there?
u seriously need to consider giving us special gift here
me and my wife ( mostly her! )
have bought everything that AVENT has to sell
u name it.. we got it

and thankfully , all of these stuff has been very useful to our little princess
prior to the pregnancy
i have no bloody idea what AVENT is
pretty much sound like HKS  , Greedy  ,
u know... the car stuffs
unfortunately it's not
but it does cost quite the SAME thou

NOT cheap at all

when my mother saw all these stuff
she was like.... " owh my God "...
" membazir jer ni , during my time ... we do everything manually "

well mama ... it's different nowdays...
during ur time ... the petrol costed rm 1.2o per liter ...
nowdays.. ron 97 costs double than that...

just kidding mom... no hard feeling
i was  a stranger to all these thing too
i thought tonmee tippee has something to do with tommy hilfiger
until i saw it comes in small boxes

funny as it is...


nutz-lieya said...

i wonder where 2 get those avent

nutz-lieya said...
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nutz-lieya said...
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Suliana said...

bestnya.. saya melabur dlm avent hanya botol & manual pam shja. manual pam dia best. tapi skrg dah bertukar ke spectra 3 :-) mcm strilizer tu sy pkai brand little bean.. mmg byk product best2 skrg ni, utk org yg sederhana mcm saya , sy cari yg murah2 je.. hehe.. doc try la tgk dalam majalah pa & ma, lagi byk choice :-)