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Sunday, August 02, 2009

lgtc annual gathering - kuala terengganu 2009

Red bumblebee - cruising to kuala terengganu from kota bharu... top speed 200km/hour. Just hoping there will be no speed trap... or else.. I'll be bankrupt.. well actually the whole lancer group will be...
this year lancergt gathering was held at kuala terengganu last weekend. I was very happy to be able to join this speed demon group convoi from kota bharu to terengganu.. it was a great fun... totally!
there were 12 lancers in the convoi... all colors... all kind of drivers.. but we all share the same hobby... cool cars :)
we left kota bharu at about 12 afternoon. Reached Kuala terengganu by 230 pm as we stopped on the way at the mosque for friday prayer ..... konvoi , konvoi jugak... solat x bole tinggal kan?
the highly modified lancer from kuantan ... not sure how much this guy has spent on his car....

I lowered the bumblebee ... thank to the eibach springs ... but not low enuf i reckon... x sentuh tarmac lagi :P
lancers from KB resting after a long journey....
destination - taman tamadun islam ... somewhere near the masjid kristal
the new lancer .. with the facelift... and it comes in white color!

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mummysyafie said...

fuhh...kalau abang tengok keta ni. mesti dier kecoh..