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Friday, July 25, 2008

a day in terengganu

what supposed to be an eventful suprise to my brother in terengganu turned into a nightmare. My parent and I decided to visit my brother and his wife in KT - without telling them in advance. Kinda suprise visit. But then , half way thru the journey , we received a phone call from my sister in law - which turned the story around. My brother was admitted to the ward at the KT specialist. The diagnosis ? typhoid fever !

Yup, I dont know where did he got the bacteria called the salmonella typhi. He's working as a deputy project manager at Inai Kiara. Just received the diagnosis today and currently he's doing fine , resting on the bed.

Well, God does work in mysterious ways. I wanted to go to KL yesterday , but I changed my mind at the final thought. Maybe God wants me to visit my sick brother :)

Anyway, I hope he'll get well soon.

Somehow, I managed to visit the famous crystal mosque and the taman tamadun islam. Will update the photos later on

Now, I need a good rest !

I'll be going to kl soon :)


[LADYKiKi] said...

yes..yes.. kl maoooo jumpaa!!

cendawanintim said...

lorrrrrrrrr, next time k..

pearlEJ said...

alahaii... so mcm mana dgn keadaan abg Han?? semua ok tak?? hope he will recover soon...

yaya|azura said...

wahh... dh balik malaya rupanya... welcome home! :)

chocolate said...

do you like horses? lets go for a horse riding at TER?

Mrs.Sheikh said...

wahhhh hannan jumpe kiki dan ida ekk??
moga abg u cepat sembuhhhh

mummysyafie said...

hopefully abang nan cepat sembuh erkk..kekadang bila nak wat suprise ni bahaya gak kan..

so nan..bila mau jumpa? hihihi...jumpa kat spital je lah..

nieja said...

ur bro yg mane saket ni..?

zeti said...

smoga abg han cpt smbuh
smpai kl nnt roger2 k


Kakakdegil said...

bro yang askar ke?
aper pun.. harap cepat sembuh

p/s : cantek masjd tu? tak sempatlagi pergi sana..