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Thursday, July 31, 2008

i'm back :)

my first time main squash... siap pakai leather shoes tu. If the sport center management found out, the whole gang will be kicked out I reckon! Anyway, I'm back in my most fav town in the world :) and the peace and harmony state - Kelantan. A lot of weddings coming up this weekend , however none of them is mine :P

Anyway, this is also my first time using my own celcom broadband connection. Just registered the line and so far , I have no big complain about the speed. Well, it's nothing compared to the internet speed in moscow, even the fastest streamyx connection is considered average for those who know how fast internet could actually be. As long as I could update my blog, check my emails, open a few website , I'll be content enuf - for the time being...

About the wedding receptions , since there are too many invitation and some of them happen to be on the same day , it's gonna be hard for me to made the decision which one I'm gonna skip. Some ppl said - if I dont attend a fren's wedding , that particular fren wont attend mine in the future. Sound logic rite? However , should I attend his/her wedding , would she/he attends my wedding for sure? Ahahah.. just a stupid thought! If u have this thought in ur mind , u are not a real fren.


[LADYKiKi] said... sakit pinggang je ni.. hehhe

meh kiki ajar han main squash..^_^
sape kalah..kene dukung org menang ... amcam?wakakkak!!!!

mummysyafie said...

reti ke main tu nan? dari segi pakaian dah fail dah..hahahah..sakit peyut akak gelak tengok pic ni

oo..dah ada broadband erkk..malam online lah yer..

tapi kalau kat kampung..benda macam tu masuk akal tau..kena gi kenduri org..kalau tak..kenduri kiter takde orang mai..hahahha..

pearlEJ said...

wahhh dh guna celcom broadband la ekkk... eheee..