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Monday, July 07, 2008

Letter from My ex wife :)

Dearest Hannan n Shida

Congratulation Doctors

It's been wonderful knowing the both of you as one. I know we only truly spent a few times together but please know that both your names are deeply etched in my heart ....
I didnt manage to buy something too special but please accept it as a token of our friendship ( a.k.a broken husband-wife relationship)
I wish u both success in ur future undertakings, good health and smooth sailing. You DID it...
( u are one young hot ass handsome doctor Hannan... I regretted not being with u)

:P - those sentences in the brackets are mine - just to add some spice! :P

me - thanks a lot chin joo!


mummysyafie said...

terharu kan kalau dapat kad macam ni..atleast ada yang ingat

pearlEJ said...

eheee.. dpt surat dari ex-wife.. hahaa..

Gorgeous Ol' Eve. Prefers Vanilla To Chocolate. You? said...

Hahahahaa whatlah you, Hannan!!! Go and heboh-hebohkan your fantasy :)

I'm very touched you guys like my gift. It was worth the wait for Krasnei Kube to open. I stood at the door, waiting to be their 1st Customer on the memorable 03.07.08!!