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Friday, July 18, 2008

THe Final kick in the ass

Today was my cargo day. It's 11.25 pm here in moscow and for the 1st time today I finally could sit down and relax. A few minutes ago I was carrying a tv and an oven , climbing the staircase from 10 floor to elyn's room at 13 floor. Yup - I'm the hulk today. But, that was nothing compared to what happened earlier this morning.

To make in short , I reached the cargo bay at the airport by 850am and I left at 630pm. So, technically - I spent the whole day at the cargo bay today! It was tiring and annoying at the same time. I really dont wanna talk about it , but - just to give u a little hint of what happened today , the bloody russian - they managed to make something so simple into such a complicated process. I reckon, the amount of energy and time I spent at the imigration , the docking bay, the internal security counter, the bank, the airline office and the custom counters today , all the procedures I went thru - it was more than sufficient to export the nuclear missle back to malaysia. What ever it was - I'm glad the hard part is over! What a big relieved for me n shida. Luckily our cargo was quite a lot and the shipping cost in pretty cheap. That was the only brightside for today nightmare.

On the way back, we dropped by at the En Azman house as he organized the dinner for the JPA sponsored students. What a great timing, we reached there and eat straight away since we were the last group arrived. The rest had already finished their desert!

After a great meal at En Azman house, we left and stopped at the kofe house for a quick ice blended cappucino.

Rite now.. I'm very tired... I need a lot of rest, But then - there are a lot more to do, not much time left for us in moscow. A lot more packing need to be done... someone pls come here and help me....
Since some of u been wondering where had shida gone , She's very busy for the moment. No time for blogging :) Her warmest regard to all her readers !


[LADYKiKi] said...

apa3 pun han story.. kiki suka kat sling beg hannnn!!! nakkk!!!

KAKTINY said...

rehat rehat rehat.. mesti tgh penatkan.. hihihi

*SiRibenMerah said...

sakan yek..
selamat berehat..
hohhooo.. menghitung hari je tuh kann.. iskkk... bestnye nk balik mesia dah..=)

pearlEJ said...

angkat rice cooker n tv pun dh boleh jd hulk?? :p

nieja said...

bper ari buln bro balek?

Chika Chika said...

kim salam kat shida yang hilang secara busy tu. ehehe

mummysyafie said...

nak jadi hulk jugak ke..papon, take a rest arr..tak lama lagi nak balik msia..hhuhuhu..sian ely kan, takdo kawan dah..

shida sibuk erkk...takpe..takpe..nanti dah ada masa leh hapdet ye

send my regard to shida k