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Monday, July 07, 2008

Great moscow state circus

2 more weeks until I'm back to Malaysia. My flight from Paris will arrive in Klia on 21 July - not much times left in moscow for me. A part of me really gonna miss moscow a lot, the other part, just cant wait to go back to malaysia.
It has been raining for the past few days in moscow. Today - me and a few frens went to the moscow circus or famously know as the Great Moscow State Circus. It was opened on 1971 , located at the vernadsovo prospek , near the metro universitet.

Our seat costed us 300rub each ( around RM50 ) - which I considered as very cheap since the seat is about 10 meter away from the stage and I could see everthing clearly from my seat.

The amazing part about the circus auditorium is - the robotic/mechanical stage. Meaning, the center stage - can be changed into different surfaces.
The stage is turned into the ice rink for the seals' show and the ice skating performance. The best part is - the changing process doesnt take long and the spectators can see how the stage floor is mechanically moved.

I'm not a big fan of circus but I have to say - the moscow circus really kept me awake! ( remember how I slept in the theather while watching the famous swan lake? ) - how I wish that these lions will eat their keeper! I wonder how they manage to tame 6 lions and turned them into clowns! I came out with the conclusion that these lions are gay :P

and yes.... they have camels too! I remember passing by road near the circus not long ago during winter time - I saw a few camels walking on the snow. The world is upside down. No wonder there were not many animals at the mosow zoo - they are moved to the bloody circus!

The ariel acrobats! I really wanted to see them fall down or slipped - unfornately for me and fortunately for them - the show was perfect , no accident at all. That really pissed me off ! :P

Then, the center stage is turned into the pool. I thought they are gonna put some crocodiles or sharks in the pool - however, I saw no animals swimming inside it. But then - the pirate's show with the parrots was pretty amusing.

the laser spectacle at the end of the show was miraculous. I strongly recommend for everyone who visit moscow to come and watch the Great Moscow State Circus! It's unbelievable - to enjoy such a great perfomance with such a cheap ticket!


Mrs.Sheikh said...

circus ni sepanjang thn ker??

sonok nyerr :D

Anonymous said... tuh...bila baca part yg u ckp mechanical stage tu, tingat lak masa i g HK aritu...persembahan kebudayaan diorang kat sana pun guna stage mcm tu..menarik sayangnya kamera x leh bawak masuk dlm dewan tu la plak..huhu

zeti said...

bestnye tgk circus
zt x penah tgk lg
siap leh ubah2 stage dia kan
canggih la tech diaorg :)

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ stage dier sangat canggih kalo dibandingkan ngan circus yg i pernak tgk. ~

mummysyafie said...

doc..tak boring ke nengok circus? :)

hihihi..akak tgn royal london circus je penah..

pearlEJ said...

lagi 2 minggu ekk nk balik malaysia.. kejap jerkk kann..

[LADYKiKi] said...

i miss u too hannan in moscow.. hahaha~

Hannan said...

mrs sheikh - ha ah.. sepanjang tahun ade circus ni..

hani - tu la.. mmg cool giler stage tu..

miszzamy :) tidak syak lagi!

Hannan said...

mummysyafie - hehehe.. dah boring sgt skarang ni.. sampai tgk circus pon x boring dah!

Hannan said...

EJ - ha ah.. x lama dah nak balik ni !!! tunggu ekk!

Kiki - kitorang pon rindu kiki ni!

Chika Chika said...

architecture dia sounds good