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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Bye Bye Adam

I went to the airport to send off kak yan and family earlier this evening. Right now , they should be exiting the russian air zone. They'll be arriving tomorrow evening. I wonder what's adam doing now. Just now, when they were checking in , adam was crying... sigh... Hope he'll behave inside the plane , or dead asleep. I played with him all day long hoping to wear him off , but this little angel - his energy is unlimited. I just hope that everything will turn out fine for them :) Aminn... I waited until they were cleared off from the imigration counter before leaving the airport. As soon as they waved their hand to me for the final time - I felt so sad... everything turned to be dark n blur. Suddenly I missed them very much already. But life must goes on... As I passed one the shops at the airport , I saw the choco biscuit ( in the photo above ) , it's adam's favourite. I bought one and quickly ran off to the waiting Benz. The driver asked me whether I want to sit at the front , I said I just want to sit at the back alone. As soon as the merc left the airport , I closed my eyes and the next thing I know , my cheeks were wet by tears..... Bye bye adam...


moralle said...

U r such a caring Person, I'm sure you will definitely be a good daddy someday, insyaallah........and Shieda is really lucky to hv u :)

mummysyafie said...

adam dah selamat sampai ke malaysia ke nan? hopefully semua nya selamat erkk..