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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Nocturnal Enuresis

Nocturnal enuresis or in malay known as kencing malam also known as bed wetting. Nocturnal enuresis adalah NORMAL bagi kanak2. Ianya adalah satu process "neurological maturation" of the voluntary bladder control. ( susah nye nak terangkan dalam bahasa melayu :P ) . Nocturnal enuresis ni x sama dengan kes orang tua yg bangun malam nak kencing. Kalau camtu, ianya dipanggil nocturia.

Ok, back to Nocturia enuresis - it's divided into primary and secondary nocturnal enuresis. Primary nocturnal enuresis is when the kid is always unreliable at nite ( maksudnya - kanak2 yg memang jenis kencing malam dari azali) Secondary nocturnal enuresis is when the reliable kid, starts to bedwetting. ( kanak2 yg dahulunya x kencing malam, mula kencing malam)

Again, I would like to remind here that, nocturia enuresis is a normal condition , however at the same time , it might be a symptom of other disease.

There many risk factors for nocturia enuresis.
  1. genetic presdiposition ( keturunan)
  2. Down syndrome, Spina Bifida, Cerebral Palsy patients
  3. premature babies
  4. UTI - urinary tract infection
  5. Smoking & drinking mother ( during pregnancy)
  6. Sleep disturbance & stress of the children
  7. too much fluid intake b4 sleep ( minum bnyk sgt sebelum tido ! )

The top 2 risk factor are the genetic and too much fluid intake :) Hence, if ur family has a history of nocturnal enuresis , u should tell ur kids about it.

There are many drugs which could help to prevent nocturnal enuresis , but as I said before -nocturnal enuresis in children should be seen not as a disease but as a variation of the normal rate of neurological maturation - in most cases , there's no need of drugs treatment :)

Yeah, this 2 ladies and 1 gentleman above have nothing to do with nocturnal enuresis :P hehehe... This is us and leelee. She's back in Sarawak now. I promised her to send her off when she was leaving back. But, since some promises are meant to be broken - I totally forgot about that LeeLee.. no hard feeling occay!


mummysyafie said...

gud info nan..maklum lah ada dua orang anak ni yang still pakai pampers kan..

sib baik dah declare awal² yang pic tak berkenaan erkk

zeti said...

doc, zt ingatkan gmbr di atas tu cth psakit nocturnal.. ehehhe.. gurau je tau.. btw, gud info la doc :)

p/s: klu slalu tjaga gi buang air kcik tu plak dipanggil pe ek? bahaya x? zt slalu tjaga kul 3/4 am semata2 nk buang air kcik.. nnt please xplain ek.. thanks doc..

pearlEJ said...

kalau org tua yg suka kencing mlm lak mcm mana tu?? hahaha...