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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Something money can buy

No matter how bloody rich u are...
There is no way u could buy time

24 hours a day never seems to be enough anymore
People are working hard to earn decent money to raise their family
Everything cost money nowadays
Nothing comes for free anymore

That include me
Was too busy working
Sometimes I was away for few days from home and when I come back home my baby girl looks at me and her face said.... I think I saw u before man....

Can't blame her
Daddy was not always around
Daddy is working hard to make sure mommy n nia have a bright future
Am sorry for not always being around
But in the end of the day...
Daddy is doing his best for our family


shusupian said...

Assalamualaikum doc..
i see on ur page u put Dr Hannan Yusof MD..what does it means??..what's the difference with MBBS??..

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

reminds of the movie "In Time"..