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Sunday, May 16, 2010

what had happened

it had been a very busy month for the family...
the picture above explained everything.
the hospital has become the 2nd house to my family members
( but for me it's no 1 home :p )

my niece has been admitted to the hospital since nearly a month ago due to the injury she sustained on her left eye...
it was caused by a stupid kid who threw a wood stick to her,
which eventually - made her cant see thru her left eye rite now

today she's undergoing an operation
to remove the blood clots in her eyes...

her full story at


NoYah said...

Dr, may i ask u one quest...kalau baby yg baru lahir tu..mata die kena flash from the camera adakah ok @ tidak a 30cm distance...tq

"MULAN" said...

oohh dear.. kesian dia.. get well soon..