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Friday, April 30, 2010

serving the government

working for the government might be the safest job in malaysia
coz our government is very stable
and the political party which is running the government right now looks like gonna lead the country for like forever.

but then, working for malaysian government may not be the luxurious job....
- just enuf to pay ur bills and have a decent life..

as a government doctor, i do not earn much.
some people thought that doctors rich
for those who works at private sector - yes, they are super rich

but us, we just earn maybe rm 10 more than teachers
no kidding

if u compare the money with the job rate we did everyday ,
it's kinda ridiculous actually
for example , we earn rm 110 for 24 hours oncall in weekend..
so, it's about rm 4.50 per hour....
guess how much does the bangladesh labour earn per hour? rm 4.60....

well... that was just a gross picture about a real life as a government doctor...
it's a n0ble job..
and i'm sure our government did the best for us.
maybe this is our value to the government..
i have nothing more to say
just being thankful the government who employed me.


Nur Hawa Mohd Zin said...

haritu exam seminar HRM kuar pasal isu lanjutan tmph wajib dr selama 5 tahun...

plain_jane said...


i think i might have to post an entry about being a gov servant as well ;)

being a gov servat.. my motto is simple when it comes to politic.

'never bite hands that feed you'

i dont care which political party rules as he gov. they r my employee :)

tapi undi tetap rahsia. haha.

aziahzuber ialah name saye. said...

man! this post has made me think again weather i should go back home for good.. uhhh.. dilemma dilemma

"MULAN" said...

have u heard? ramai doctors from ukm & another univ in msia pi singapore, semata2 gaji tinggi..?? siapa sponsor or advanced their tuition fees all this while?

Norieta husain said...

bersyukurlah dgan aperr yg d anugerahkan kpd kita,kerja yang dilaksanakan dgn penuh keikhlasan pasty memberikan seribu makna buat kita.