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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

congratulation dear students

today our government announced that - 1500 excellent students , we'll be getting the national scholarship
congratulation to those who'll be chosen :)

2 thumbs up for 30 lucky students who got their special scholarship, they totally deserved it.
no arguement.

i was one of them back them
so happy with my spm result , got the JPA scholarship, then went to overseas to get my MD...
dream came true babeh!
living a good life..
yes, all the hard work during SPM paid off!!!

so, to those who excelled in the spm ... cheerish the moment.. u r on top of the sky....
for the moment.
just remember , it wont last forever,
this is just another hurdle in life
many more to come.

i had some frens who excelled in SPM,
but screwed up on the later part

not saying u all shouldnt be celebrating this glorious achivement..
as a matter of fact ,
just have a hell of party out of it..
u'll be facing a bigger test in the future

whatever it is..
enjoy the moment..

i miss those time...

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