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Sunday, April 04, 2010


another true story .....

in ward today ,
a "pakcik" was planned to go for operation by the urology team due to his bladder stone ;
which already causing damage to his kidney

he actually was given so many chance to go for operation before , nonetheless, he's not very keen for it.

due to the latency, the condition got worsen , the kidney is failing...
and he has to be admitted for dialysis

Dialysis is only a temporary solution for this pakcik, the real solution is to go for op and remove the stone... the bloody batu karang...

nonetheless, despite of his worsening condition, he still refused to go for operation, regardless of thousand of explanation being given to him by so many doctors.

and currently, he's under my management. everyday i told him, he needs to go for operation - but he still refused, asking for more time to think about it. Yes, we gave him enough time - almost a year !

I dont know what to do with this pakcik...

seriously, some people have to pay thousand of RM to go for op to remove the stone from kidneys or bladders.
but this particular pak cik , even for free... he still refused...

this is one of the weakness of free health care.
the citizen takes everything for granted.
they dont have any idea how much an operation really cost.


dR Hannah said...

true. some citizens just take everything for granted.

did the doctors really asked the 'pakcik' WHY on earth la the 'pakcik' dont want to undergo the FREE operation?

i guess, the pakcik might felt really2 scared and insecure kot. might be he's scared the operation or something might gone wrong. so die tak rase selamat kot. maybe he got this kinda thinking "i dont want to die on the operation table" huhu. yes, doctor knows the operation would surely come out with great outcome, iA, but not for patients, lagi2 those yang come from village or yg mind tidak seperti tuan2 doktor sekalian.

but im sure the doctors had already did a great job in convincing the pakcik.

or might as well that pakcik dont care anymore about his health, he just want to live the rest of life with the bloody stone in his bladder. heee~

poor that pakcik. i hope whatever happen, he'll get what he wanted.

and poor doctors too. not everyone understands how hard doctors have to work.


pensukebulan said...

terbaiklah dr hannah! :p

Maff said...

Pakcik tu takut sangat agaknye..