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Friday, April 02, 2010


a teenager came to my clinic just now,
complaining of "pain in the ass"
apparently he got gluteal abscess
before he left the room,
he asked me " was it hard to be a doctor ? "

i smiled at him and said " to become a doctor is easy , being one is hard..."
if u want to be a good doctor,
u must be brave
yes.... extremely brave ... but u must be knowledgable as well

one of the most difficult bedside procedure is to insert the cvp or ijc at the internal jugular vein as shown in the diagram above..
one wrong move, u could end up with pneumothorax..
and if u dont do chest tube a.s.a.p
the patient could died.....
just like that

currently i'm in charged at the high dependency ward
so, this procedure is a must do procedure ...
not all doctors could do this one..
some are afraid of the complication..
the bleeding.. the pneumothorax
but then, if u do it the right way,
everything will be just fine.