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Friday, April 30, 2010

i'm so tired

I'm so tired
i'm at the end of my medical posting
cant wait to go to the emergency department
which i wish will be my permenant department in the future
i love all the action, thrill and the fast thinking situation in saving life

i dont really enjoy doing the ward round...
it's kinda boring
i would rather spending the day doing all kind of procedures rather than writing discharge summary and referral letters..
my colleague called me " procedure maniac"
coz i would eagerly do all the procedure - central line cvp, the arterial lines, the chest tube insertion, the lumbar puncture..
normal blood taking already bored me to death

hence, really looking foward to be at the emergency department..

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Wahidah said...

me too..almost 4 year kt ER..dh fall in love ngan ER smpai bile kena keje kt ward rs bodoh giler sbb tk tahu sumer benda..ngan ward routine nya..hurmm